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The LBPM Way10 Promises We Make

Listen to our clients

We focus on doing a better job managing properties — each day working to create the best possible experience for property owners, board members, and tenants alike. We continually improve our service based on your feedback and suggestions.

Be useful

Property management is a full time job, but it doesn’t have to be yours. We are a trusted and experienced ally you can rely on to manage and oversee the day-to-day details of your important assets.

Make it simpler

We’ve spent more than twenty years building a team of experts in every aspect of property management: legal, accounting, finance, maintenance, contracting, and even interpersonal relationships. We provide guidance and support when you need it, allowing you to make informed decisions, well-supported by law and precedence.

Make it faster

Time is money, and we’re constantly working behind the scenes to make things run faster and more smoothly for you. Our exclusive LBPM Client Concierge™ is always available 24/7 to answer questions or research answers for you.

Pay close attention to detail

A key component of property management is paying attention to the little details.  From accounting to meetings and maintenance, we work hard to make sure every item is tracked and organized appropriately.

Help you look good

LBPM helps you look good in front of your tenants and HOA members. We believe in clear and consistent communication, responsive interaction with tenants, and proactive management of the property, which helps prevent many problems before they ever happen.

Give back

We got where we are because of other people’s help, and we try to give back whenever we can.

Be honest

We believe in running an honest, open and ethical business. We don’t speak with buzzwords or hype, and our business practices are open and straightforward.

Be transparent

Our philosophy is to “manage out loud” — which means we give you unprecedented, real-time access to look over our shoulder at any time to see how we’re managing your property. Our clients have access to their bank statements, accounting records, paid bills, property to-do lists, and maintenance requests via our Client Concierge.

Keep improving

We know we’re not done yet. There’s (always) plenty of room for improvements and innovation, so we can create an even better experience for our clients.

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