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Excellent service in apartment management and maintenance throughout Los Angeles County

L.A.’s Best Apartment Property Management Company

If you’re an experienced apartment owner or real estate investor in Southern California, you probably already know that LBPM is widely considered one of the best property management companies in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

Year after year, LBPM (LB Property Management) has been recognized by the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles Business Journals, and ranked amongst the very top property management companies in Southern California.

Best Property Management Company

LBPM-Property Management Leader

Our Secret? Clients First

Since 1989, LBPM has been a leader in Los Angeles Property Management, specializing in the management of apartment buildings ranging from “mom & pop” four-plexes to 1,200 unit mega-complexes, and everything in between. Our client-centered focus makes every client, large and small, feel like a VIP.

Too many vacancies?

Got a problem tenant?
We make your life easier

Many clients come to LBPM for the same reason: they’d rather leave the day-to-day challenges of owning rental property to someone else. Filling vacancies, dealing with problem tenants, and finding capable managers can be difficult and time-consuming tasks.

Let us spare you the grief as our team of experienced professionals utilize proven strategies for filling vacancies quickly and dealing with problem tenants in a lawful and diplomatic way.

Property Management Services

Best Property Management Strategy
Better Resident Managers

Finding and training great resident managers is perhaps what we do best! In our opinion, the very best management strategy is staffing our properties with well-trained and responsible managers who take great pride in their work.

Wondering where all the money goes every month?

At LBPM, we’re passionate about providing great service, trust, and transparency. Our clients tend to have very clear expectations:

  • “Be responsive when I call.”
  • “Do what I ask.”
  • “Provide uncomplicated and accurate reports at the end of the month.”

LBPM has made fulfilling these expectations the focus of our business. And with innovations like our Client Concierge, we’re always working to build satisfying and enduring relationships with each of our clients. Whether you choose to be at the center of our management efforts, or watching comfortably from the sidelines, you’re always in charge and never surrender control of your properties.

Client Concierge Services

Well-Established Property Management Company
What can a Property Management company do that you can’t do yourself?

It’s hard to substitute the level of care and attention an owner gives to his or her own property. But, there are many things a well-established property management company can offer that can really make the difference in the performance of a property. We pride ourselves on developing and refining these benefits so the property owner sees value in everything we do.

LBPM never sleeps

We’re available 24/7. Many of our team members work through the night and over the weekend providing after-hour emergency support to our properties. If a pipe bursts in the middle of the night, we’re on it so the tenants will have a hot shower in the morning.

And, the day never ends for our accounting department, allowing for invoices to be entered into our payables system within 24 hours of receipt, ready for review and payment. Timely approval and payment of invoices keeps property vendors happy, which translates into faster response time and better quality of service.

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