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With over 3 decades in HOA management, the highly trained and experienced managers and staff at LBPM are dedicated to each and every one of clients. We have a sterling reputation for property management and have all the right tools to make your HOA community a success. If you need state of the art property management for your Homeowner Associations, we are the right choice for you.

LBPM is an accredited HOA management company providing property management services to associations throughout greater Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. We focus on the management of homeowner associations, condominiums, and communities. LBPM has professional managers, staff, and resources to help the Board of Directors in achieving their tasks that require their time and attention. Our HOA Managers will act as advisor’s to your HOA association and Board, sharing their knowledge and expertise in lower operating costs to residents of HOA.

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Everything about LBPM revolves around fast and accurate service, trust, and transparency.

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Benefits of Hiring a Homeowners Association Management Company

There are several benefits to hiring homeowners association Management Company so that the community runs more smoothly. Whether it’s for a Condo or HOA, LBPM can help you in property management. Some of the benefits a property management company has to offer includes:

  • Helps to manage the association within the set budget. This includes seeing to necessary maintenance and repairs.
  • Helps to keep residences informed and satisfied with the board’s services
  • Provides access to important information to the homeowners
  • Help with project planning and management
  • Helps the board properly manage the community
  • Can the board built a strong sense of community among the association’s members
  • Help the board to enforce the rules and to set and enforce restrictions
  • Foster great vendor relationships in order to get repairs done in a timely manner.
  • Provide a resource for the board on a variety of issues

HOA Management Services

LBPM specializes in homeowners association management services. LBPM provides a full complement of HOA accounting services, from billing and collections to special assessments, to paying bills and preparing the budget for the Homeowner Association. We provide a number of solutions to a variety of problems or issues an HOA association board of directors may have including:

Board Planning, Management, and Operation

Many times members of an HOA’s board of directors are elected having little or no experience with the duties the board must undertake.

Our Solution: We provide board member training programs so that new board members understand their obligations and duties to ensure proper board obligations and duties. Training helps to ensure proper board operation and procedures. A Senior CACM Certified HOA Manager will be assigned to your community association who will look into all of your actions, reports and meeting minutes. We also assist with the preparation of board agendas and help with board direction and administrations in order to help the board better perform their duties for the community they serve.


Regular Inspection and Preventative Maintenance:

One of the boards of directors’ responsibilities is to regularly inspect the HOA’s property and see that preventative maintenance is done. These inspections and maintenance services are important to maintain the overall functionality and value of the community they represent. Unfortunately, many board members don’t have any experience in inspecting the property and often don’t know what preventative maintenance entails.

Our Solution: Here at LBPM we can do those maintenance inspections for you as well to see to any and all maintenance and repairs needed to maintain the value of the property.

We have invested significant time and resources in developing technology to keep your community on cutting edge with excellent tracking and reporting tools in HOA Management Industry. Our “HOA Client Concierge” will help you get 24/7 access to your property for any maintenance requests, current delinquencies for your property and many more resources related to your Homeowners Association.

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Homeowner Support for Responding in Emergency Situations

In many HOA’s there is often more communication between the board and members of the association. All too often members of the community feel when they call with complaints or calls regarding issues that board members tend to take their time responding to the calls.

Our Solution: Here at LBPM we provide a resident call center that takes resident’s calls in a timely manner. We provide homeowners with the information they need or tend to requests for repairs and leave the members of the community feel supported and valued. We understand the many challenges of being a board member. That’s why we believe you should never have to wait for a return call. Our portfolio supervisors are actively involved and available when you need them, and our exclusive Client Concierge is always available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns with a prompt and courteous response. Learn More

Budgeting and Maintaining Records

Budgeting and maintaining the records for an entire community requires a lot of attention to detail. You need to be able to project what the association will need in the future. In addition, the board needs to maintain association records of all preventative maintenance checks and schedules as well as planned expenditures for the association.

Our Solution: As part of our services, LBPM can help your board identify future expenses for your association and help you create your budget and maintain all records associated with your budget.

Repair and Maintenance

In order for your apartment complex to command the highest possible rent it needs to be kept in tip-top condition. Our repair and maintenance service involve a number of steps designed to keep your apartment complex and grounds looking their best at all times. One important step we take is to make frequent inspections to evaluate what maintenance and repairs need to be done. We also check with the tenants to make sure they are living up to their maintenance obligations according to the lease. In addition, we have a staff member on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week to take any tenants to call for repairs so that we can make those repairs as speedily as possible. Many of our team members work through the night and over the weekend providing after-hours emergency support to our properties. If a pipe bursts in the middle of the night, we’re on it so the tenants will have a hot shower in the morning. We can handle most repairs in-house and we also work with local contractors to keep repair costs as low as possible should we need to a third party to make the necessary repairs.

HOA Accounting and Financial Reporting

No HOA will be able to survive without detailed financial management. Failure to keep your finances in order can result in accounting inaccuracies. These inaccuracies may result in insolvency and legal problems with tax authorities.

Our Solution: LBPM can ease your accounting and financial burden by providing you with a full range of financial management services. These services include month by month financial reporting and account reconciliation. It also includes billing and collection of association dues and special assessments and a host of other services as well.

Board members must have accurate and timely operating statements to make the right call on important decisions concerning their associations. LBPM prepares easy-to-understand monthly operating statements promptly by the 10th day of each month, which can be viewed online, sent via email, or sent First-Class through the U.S. Postal Service.

Board Portal and Technology Services

We here at LBPM know how important transparency is to any homeowners association, which is why we provide an easy to access board portal for several purposes including the following services:

  • Dues Collection and Supervision – The Online board portal posts when dues will be collected and the number of dues that collected. The portal also will show how much in dues is outstanding and the supervision of those collections.

    LBPM makes monthly HOA dues easy for board members and homeowners alike with simple online or mail-in payment options and accurate billing statements. All delinquency collections are administered by a dedicated and knowledgeable team that understands the balance between good homeowner relations and the necessity of consistent collection practices.

  • Task or Project Management – The board portal gives board members full visibility and control to create, update, and monitor tasks in real time including when certain tasks are started and completed and whether or not the tasks come in on budget.
  • Deed Restriction – Our board portal provides complete visibility into deed restriction violation inspections. The portal allows you to see when inspections are scheduled. In addition, you can also see the results of each inspection and all violations are shown in drilled down reports.
  • Digital Access to Information Relating to Delinquent Homeowner Accounts – Using our board portal board members are able to have digital access to information to homeowners’ delinquent accounts. This information includes how delinquent the account is, the number of times dues have been late and other relevant information.

Evaluation and Recommendations

In order for a homeowners association’s board of directors to operate within their budget, they need to continually evaluate their operating costs. They also need to find a way to lower some of those costs and/or find ways to increase your operating funds.

Our Solution: Our professional HOA Managers are experienced at evaluating properties and recommending a way for them to significantly lower their operating costs. We can also recommend some ancillary income opportunities to help put more income into your coffers.


Vendor Management Services

Managing the vendors that provide products and services to the HOA is extremely important in completing tasks on time while staying within your budget. Vendor management includes finding the right vendors, negotiating prices, overseeing the work they provide and other related tasks.

Our Solution: Our experienced property management team can provide you with comprehensive vendor management services. With years of HOA management in Southern California, we have worked with many vendors throughout the years and have an extensive list of vendors that can meet your various needs.

We also provide vendor supervision to ensure that the tasks that they are charged with are completed in a timely manner and are completed properly.

Rule Enforcement/Rules and Regulation Expertise

The board of directors for any homeowners association sets the rules for the community. These rules may govern such things as resident behavior, common responsibilities, and even architectural restrictions. While board members may set rules, they may not be good at enforcing them.

Our Solution: With over 30 years in HOA management our highly skilled property managers have the rule and regulation expertise to enforce rules without causing undue problems with those homeowners who are violating the rules.

Legal Issues

There are local, state and Federal laws that govern HOAs and how they are run. Failure to meet Legal guidelines can result in hefty fines and more that can damage the HOA reputation and in some situations lead to failure of the entire association.

Our Solution: With over 30 years experience in managing HOAs in Southern California we known and understand the laws governing HOA members and their boards and can help your association meet all the legal obligations for your community.

Extended Services for HOA Management

Here at LBPM, we provide several extended services for HOA Management. These services include:

  • Auditing- We provide timely auditing services for our HOAs upon requests and see that the results of those audits are available to the members of the association.
  • Create and Maintain HOA Website- We can create and maintain a website for HOA in order to keep both the board and members of your community informed as to what is happening to within the community.
  • Addressing and Informing the Residents of Your Community Through Various Means- We use various means both online and off to keep the community informed of association meetings, scheduled repairs, and other important information.
  • Architectural Applications and Construction Supervision- When needed we will make sure that your HOA has filed for the proper building permits and will supervise your various construction projects.
  • Annually Assist Board of Directors for Meeting and Budget- We can assist your board of directors during their annual meeting for setting a realistic budget for the upcoming year. Our experienced supervisors can provide oversight and direction for board meetings and annual homeowners meetings while recording minutes and noting items for further action. Every property benefits from regular inspections, which ensure that maintenance and janitorial matters are attended to properly.
  • Annually Assist Board of Directors for Meeting and Budget- We can assist your board of directors during their annual meeting for setting a realistic budget for the upcoming year. Our experienced supervisors can provide oversight and direction for board meetings and annual homeowners meetings while recording minutes and noting items for further action. Every property benefits from regular inspections, which ensure that maintenance and janitorial matters are attended to properly.

What is HOA Management?

HOA management consists of taking on certain tasks for a community of individual property owners. HOA management takes on the responsibility of making rules for the community and seeing that those rules are followed. The HOA also is in charge of collecting fees for repairs, seeing the public areas for the community is well maintained and other important tasks. The HOA management company needs to have the experience to deal with the many issues the community faces.

In a Homeowners Association, the community of homeowners elects a board of directors and gives them the responsibility for governing the association. When an issue arises, the board of directors often reaches out to a management company for guidance. A good HOA management company can provide guidance to the board for a variety of different issues.

With our CACM certified HOA Managers serving your homeowners association, you will save substantial amounts of money in the long run. Our managers and staff are constantly participating in seminars via education offered by CAI and CACM. With our trained professionals and latest technologies, we are able to cater to each homeowners association based on their needs. We are a full-service HOA management company, passionate about providing your community best property management services. Get in touch with us today for more information about how we can serve you.

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Build a Custom Quote from LBPM
  • LBPM Association Management Plans

  • Customize Your Service Options

  • How often would you like us to attend your meetings?
Build a Custom Quote from LBPM
  • LBPM Association Management Plans

  • Customize Your Service Options

  • How often would you like us to attend your meetings?