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The LBPM HOA Client Concierge™

Unprecedented Access to Your Property, 24/7

One of the most valuable LBPM management services is our owners-only “ Client Concierge.” From here, you can check in on your property 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Just log in to your private portal, and you’ll get a real-time view of everything happening with your property:

Plus, you can quickly download your latest financial statements, see a daily check ledger, find links to discounted vendor services, and much more. Property management will never be the same.

Also We’re excited to announce a major upgrade to the LBPM Client Concierge, Click Here.

HOA Dashboard provides better communication, 24/7 direct access, financial information, Maintenance Requests and many more with transparency and security

The new dashboard makes it easier for Homeowners to find what you need.

HOA - Client Concierge Dashboard

Maintenance Tickets

Keep tabs on all the Property maintenance items happening at your property.

HOA - Property Maintenance Ticket Services

Concierge Requests

Find updated information on all the HOA concierge tickets from your property.

HOA's Concierge Tickets


Current delinquencies for your property.

HOA's Delinquency


Current HOA – homeowner violations.

HOA - homeowners Violations

Action Items

Our shared to-do list for your property. Used for large projects or initiatives.

HOA - Property Action Items


The latest operating statements for your property, along with a historical archive.

HOA - Documents

VIP Resources

We’ve negotiated with some of our top vendors to bring you these special offers.

HOA's VIP Resources