Whose Job? HOA vs. Property Management Company Responsibilities

Homeowners Associations vs. Property Managers – Roles and Expectations

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HOA vs. Property Management Responsibilities

It’s very easy to get confused between responsibilities for Property Managers and Homeowners Associations. We will here discuss what functions are performed by HOAs and Property Management Company. HOA benefits greatly when they hire property management company to look at association day to day operations. HOA’s Board of Directors and Property Management company both plays an important role in running the association. It is good to know Responsibilities of both property management company and Associations.

Responsibilities of A Property Management Company

The Property Management Company is usually contracted to provide services such as:

  • Manage Daily operations of HOA(Association)
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Schedule Board Meetings & Inspections
  • HOA Dues and financials collection
  • Accurate Reporting
  • Solve Emergency Situations
  • Respond to Questions and concerns of Homeowners


HOA - Homeowners Association Board Responsibilities

A homeowners' association is organized by real estate developers building a community of single-family homes, condominiums or townhouses.

  • Common area maintenance like playgrounds , park etc
  • Hiring staff and contractors
  • Review and assess the work of the property management company
  • Residents are responsible for putting their Trash in recycle bins
  • Cleaning up after pets
  • Report crime, vandalism, theft to the legal authorities and proper legal action should be taken against them



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