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10 Simple Hacks For Conserving Energy At Your HOA

10 Simple Hacks For Conserving Energy At Your HOA

HOA Energy Conservation Tips

With spring just around the corner, it will be summer before we know it. For your HOA or condominium facilities, rising temperatures mean rising energy costs for the months of June, July, and August. We recommend starting to prepare now, so your property remains energy-efficient and cost-effective this upcoming summer. The following easy tips will ensure your HOA buildings stay cool and environmentally-friendly–all to benefit your residents, staff, and bank account.

Monitor The Thermostat

In the summertime, you’ll want to set your thermostat as high as hot temperatures will allow–without sacrificing the health or comfort of your HOA members, of course. We suggest setting facility thermostats at 78 degrees while in use and 85 degrees when closed or unoccupied. This will reduce your HOA’s energy use up to 3%, which might seem small but truly adds up over time.

Utilize + Install Fans

With your thermostat set according to maximum summer temperatures, your HOA or condo facilities will need to circulate air to avoid trapping heat and causing any stuffiness. Installing ceiling fans into common spaces can reduce indoor temperatures up to 4 degrees and significantly lower your monthly energy bill since most ceiling fans only require 100-watt bulbs.

Insulate Windows

With a few months until summer officially begins, your HOA should consider preparing your windows for the hotter months ahead. Insulating your windows is a great way to keep your common spaces cool without using any energy–there’s also quite a few ways you can go about summer-proofing them. Weatherstripping, applying high-reflective window film, and installing cell shades, shutters, or energy-efficient windows are all savvy ways to keep the heat out of your HOA.


Switch To LED Light Bulbs

While time is still on your HOA’s side, you and your staff should take inventory of the light bulbs in use within common spaces and facilities and replace any tungsten, halogen, or compact fluorescents with energy-efficient LED ones. Not only will LED light bulbs last you up to 10 years, but they also produce far less heat than tungsten and fluorescents, so your A/C gets a break too.

Unplug Power Strips + Electronics

Even when electronics are turned off, they still use watts of energy if they remain plugged in. In order to minimize all energy costs, your HOA should make it a regular practice to unplug any devices such as TVs, DVDs, computers, printers, and chargers when no longer in use. Although this saves only small amounts of energy at a time, implementing a change like this can offset larger energy costs throughout the summer and entire year!

Manage Laundry Room Operations

Because major appliances use up a lot of energy, your HOA will want to be strategic about their use. Encourage members and residents to only run full laundry loads in the washing machine, opt for automatic, moisture-detection dryer settings (if available), and clear lint traps before drying a load of clothes. These small differences make a huge impact when practiced regularly–reducing your carbon footprint and monthly energy expenses.

Pay Attention To Pool + Hot Tub Maintenance

Without a doubt, summer is the busiest time for pool and hot tub facilities. Consider switching pool filter and sweeping maintenance to off-peak hours, or even nighttime after everyone has gone home, for maximum efficiency. Shortening hours of operation to the most popular times for swimming and covering the hot tub when it’s not in use are also great ways to avoid wasting energy and unnecessary costs.

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Open Windows At Night

Air conditioning is the main culprit of rising energy costs during the summer months. Opening windows at night in your HOA’s facilities will give you a chance to turn off the A/C and let in some fresh air. Remember to close the windows before closing clubhouses or other common spaces to trap cool air inside before the sun rises in the morning.

Close Shades During The Day

As mentioned before, windows are responsible for allowing heat into your HOA buildings. During the daytime, be sure to close drapes, blind, shutters, shades, or etc. to reduce indoor temperatures.

Consider Investing In Solar Power

Switching to solar energy may pose a bigger upfront cost, but it gives your HOA the potential to significantly reduce energy costs this summer and beyond. The sun is at its most powerful during the summer, and solar panels will effectively harness this natural energy source and convert it to electricity for your HOA and your local electric grid. This long-term solution can convert solar energy even on cloudy days–reducing your property’s energy costs year round!

Managing and HOA or condominium building is no easy task, and staying efficient and cost-effective all year round is crucial to your property’s overall value and profits. Do you have additional questions about effectively maintaining an HOA or other residential property? Don’t hesitate to contact us directly at 818-918-3967 for any of your Los Angeles or Southern California property management needs today!

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