Key Responsibilities of Apartment Management Companies | Part 1 Tenant Responsibilities - LBPM

Key Responsibilities of Apartment Management Companies | Part 1 Tenant Responsibilities

Apartment Property Management

Key Responsibilities of Apartment Management Companies | Part 1 Tenant Responsibilities

An apartment management company is a team of responsible hired persons to handle the daily operations of an apartment complex or buildings. They deal with the apartment property management services as per scope of work entrusted and emoluments agreed to, duties ranging from handling complaints and requests to collecting rent payments in any worst scenario. These apartment management companies also required to find high-quality tenants at a low vacancy rate by using advanced marketing strategies.

The responsibilities of an apartment property manager depend upon the specific terms of their employment contract. There are various common tasks and responsibilities of a professional apartment management company are responsible for. In order to begin, one needs to remember that to screen for potential long-term tenants is the prime obligation of apartment property management company. The process involves;

Tenant Responsibilities of Apartment Management Companies:

1. Apartment Property Advertising:

The property management companies have a responsibility to attract tenants through advertisement in classified newspapers, online web portals, direct mail to dealers to reveal your property in languages of the prospective tenants. The advertisements also exhibit special features of the apartment property. At LB property management company, our professionals know as to what attracts the prospective tenants, so they suggest tips to the apartment owners to increase the curb appeal at the property and help to maintain it.

2. Screening Tenants:

The apartment management companies have a defined screening process including tenant’s criminal background, credit, previous evictions, outstanding debts that decreases the chances of being accused of discrimination against an interested tenant when it comes to fair housing laws and screening potential tenants. The right apartment property manager has a long experience to select right tenants as to who fits in to pay the rents in time, maintains the property well, stays for a longer period as a tenant, cause fewer problems and abide by the lease agreement.

3. Handling Apartment Property Leases:

An apartment manager, owing to his experience and legal expertise, will prepare the lease agreement making sure that it abides by the laws of the land and protects the rights of the apartment owner. He also determines the security clause to protect the apartment property of any loss or malpractice on behalf of the tenant.

4. Setting Rent:

The apartment management companies have the duty for setting up the right rent level to attract tenants of your property. The successful property management company has a thorough knowledge of the market. It will fix up the rent after analyzing the prevailing market rates in the vicinity of the apartment property.

In case of fixing higher lease cost, the management company has to satisfy the reasons for charging more rent, may be due to increased curb’s appeal of the property, its premium location or other valid reasons. Apartment property management experts at LBPM will stipulate in the agreement the penalty for late rental payments and an annual increase of lease money in case the possession of property continues.

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5. Handling Complaints or Emergencies:

Whenever the tenant has a maintenance or repair request, noise complaint, or an emergency, it will be the duty of the apartment management company to handle it. They will arrange electrician, plumber, carpenter or other skilled staff for maintaining the services. In an emergency or odd hours, the manager will call the vendor and attend the complaint immediately. It is a nice idea to contact toLBPM apartment property management providing benefits of24-hour hotline for tenants.

Our professionals are so much dedicated to their service that they attend emergency complaints night long, and you are unaware of this is something you’ll love. They will relieve you of all pressures and available all the time on your behalf. For example at 2.00 am, the tenant complains to the Property Manager of electricity failure in his home, it will be the responsibility of the manager to hire someone to attend it. You will not be the person to get a call at 2.00 am that the inner of the house is freezing below minus.

6. Handling Move-ins and outs:

When a tenant moves out, the apartment property manager will inspect the unit, check the damages and determine which part of the security money is forfeited or released to the tenant. The apartment management company is responsible for repairing any damages and cleans the unit for the new tenant. They are liable to carry out move-in inspection, collect a security deposit, advance rent, and once again remind the tenant of the important clauses of the lease agreement.

The Manager will finally hand over the keys to the tenant, take photographs of giving possession of property and exchange with him complete personal information for future reference. He will also inform all the activities to the apartment owners through a web portal.

7. Evictions of Apartment Property:

When a tenant does not pay rent on time or otherwise breaches the terms of the lease, your Apartment Manager is asked to initiate eviction proceedings. The manager will move with the process correctly by serving proper notices, defending you in the court and all possible help in evicting the tenant. Thus engaged with an Apartment Management Company will protect you from the burden of legal issues

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