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How to Improve Your Apartment Maintenance Cycle

How to Improve Your Apartment Maintenance Cycle

Apartment Management and Maintenance

LBPM Services understands that for a property owner or investor, apartment management and maintenance are essential to the property is profitable, safe, and up to regulations. If apartment property repairs, replacements, and upgrades slack the least little bit, it can cost you on so many levels.

Issues with Apartment Maintenance Being Neglected

  • » Code Violated:

    When maintenance slacks on multifamily properties, the possibilities of being cited for by the Sherman Oaks inspector for code violations increases. It can damage a property’s reputation, which affects revenue. In addition to this, the injunctions and paperwork are time-consuming.

  • » Maintenance Costs Increase:

    The longer many maintenance issues delay, the situation worsens, and the repair gets more expensive. This is another hit to the revenue, and the property value decreases, not case any property owner in Sherman Oaks can afford.

  • » Injuries:

    What may seem minor to property management or owner can be creating a hazard that can lead to injuries with lawsuits to follow. From electrical issues to uneven floors or mold spurs, the list is endless of possible ignored maintenance issues leading to renters, or their visitors, being injured.

  • » Tenant Turnover:

    Maintenance neglect can lead to the complex becoming run-down, and nobody wants to live in that type of environment. Current tenants will begin to move out, possibly out of Sherman Oaks altogether, and the reputation of the maintenance issues will distract possible new tenants.

LBPM Services can help you avoid these issues with your Sherman Oaks properties. Our team has an extensive history in property management on all levels of maintenance and repairs. Keeping your property in top condition is our priority.

Maintenance and Repairs Are Our Specialties

A recent survey by the given the National Apartment Association stated that multiunit rental complexes had almost a 10% increase in their operating expenses in 2019. Nine percent of that came from maintenance and repair for garden apartments and six percent for mid to high rise apartment buildings. In some areas of the country, the cost is less, and in regions like Sherman Oaks, it is higher on the average.

It is essential to understand why maintenance and repairs must be kept up on multifamily properties. The next important step knows how to get the most done as inexpensively as possible is the next concern, understandably. Our team at LBPM knows the ways to maintain properties so that the maintenance and repairs are less.

We believe in preventative maintenance and using better materials to control costs and extend the life of the building components. For the balconies, rails, and stairways, we use composite decking and powder-coated materials that are held together with brackets and screws. This replaces the use of wood, which rots, or wrought iron that needs painting and welding. By doing this, LBPM adds seven or more years to the areas that are used most by your tenants.

Saving You Money & time

As an on-demand apartment management company in Sherman Oaks and San Fernando Valley, LBPM will save you tiring effort, money, and time by servicing your tenant’s needs. We are one of the top property management companies that property owners in Sherman Oaks call first.

We have maintenance crews with experienced techs to handle the everyday maintenance and the urgent repairs quickly. LBPM keeps your building in shape and your tenants happy, so all you need to be concerned with are the other things going on in your life.

We Can Cover Your Staff Shortage

Here at LBPM, we understand that having an on-demand maintenance service may not always be the best option for your property. If there are frequent maintenance requirements or tasks, you may do better having your in-house/on-site maintenance crew instead.

We also understand that apartment complexes have busier times than others, such as the start of summer can bring a lot of calls with HVAC problems. Being over 30 years in business, LBPM knows which materials stand the test of time. Using the right materials extends your regular maintenance cycle by at least ten years. Instead of stressing your annual labor budget, use us as you need us for your Sherman Oaks property.

Preventive Maintenance Is Key

Over the years, here in Sherman Oaks, LBPM experienced that preventive maintenance is vital in saving money, time, and property value. We practice detection with immediate remediation, which has made us successful in controlling your costs. If there is a leaking pipe or toilet, we fix it immediately because we have learned that by letting those things sit, it only creates a bigger problem.

By entrusting LBPM with your Sherman Oaks property, you’ll find your property in top condition for your current tenants. By being able to keep your property maintained and occupied, your property will be more appealing to others and maintain a secure value too. For more information about apartment buildings or multifamily properties and renovations, contact our apartment property management experts or call us at 818.918.3967.

Hiring a Apartment Property Management in Sherman Oaks

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