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Insider Tips For Keeping Your Properties + Tenants Safe During The Holidays

Insider Tips For Keeping Your Properties + Tenants Safe During The Holidays

Happy Holidays From Your Premier Los Angeles Property Management Company

It’s the best time of year filled with good tidings and cheer! However, for many property owners and managers, this can be the slowest–and most dangerous–time of year. Not only is ongoing maintenance important through the holiday season, winter safety is a must. Because of the colder weather, the end of the year presents many risks to landlords and tenants, including:

  • » Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • » Residential Fires
  • » Falling Accidents

At LBPM, we believe in savvy property management that prioritizes tenant and landlord satisfaction. We work smarter, so property owners don’t have to work harder. Need help with minimizing risks and maintaining your property this winter season? Contact us for your free property management quote here!


This blog aims to provide useful, actionable advice for property owners, managers, and tenants to remain safe throughout the holiday and winter season.

Key Points

  • » Learn how to keep your property and home safe during the crazy holiday season!
  • » Make a difference when it comes to tenant wellness and safety at your residential property.
  • » Try our seasonal safety and wellness tips to enhance tenant satisfaction and increase your property values.

Staying Safe This Holiday + Winter Season

To avoid any accidents and injuries this winter season, consider implementing the following proactive precautions into your seasonal property management strategy!

» Turn Off All Additional Lights

According to the National Fire Protection Association, Christmas trees are one of the major causes of house fires during the holiday season. Also, make sure that residents are extra careful with candles, fireplaces, and other light up decorations–in addition to Christmas trees. The additional light sources increase the risk of fire, so it’s important to stay vigilant by turning off the extra electricity and extinguishing flames. Post signage or send out an email to remind your tenants of the following:

  • Cooking, heating, and electrical problems are the number one cause of house fires–especially during the winter and holiday season.
  • In fact, many residential fires begin because something flammable rests too close to a source of heat or fire.

» Inspect + Replace Smoke Alarms

According to NFPA, it’s essential that homeowners and property managers replace any installed smoke alarms every 10 years. This minimizes risk and protects residents and tenants. Additionally, be sure to change out the batteries in your smoke alarm(s) at least twice a year. Leading up to the winter and holiday season, make sure that your smoke alarm is working properly. As part of your seasonal maintenance checklist, make it a priority to check the installation date and replace the smoke alarms that have already expired. If it is your tenant’s responsibility to maintain their smoke alarms be sure to remind them via signs, emails, etc. to avoid this alarming statistic:

  • Nearly two-thirds of all residential fire fatalities occur in homes that do not have working smoke alarms or any alarms at all.

» Keep All Rain Gutters Clear Of Debris

With increased rain (or even snow in some areas), it’s important to keep rain gutters clean throughout the winter and holiday season. Although cleaning rain gutters can be a major project and endeavor on your property, a clogged gutter can cause even more costly problems. Sometimes, debris from the roof can slide into your rain gutters and clog them over time. This can compromise the foundational level of your property! Simply avoid this risk by blowing off the roof and cleaning the gutters as the year leads up to winter months.

» Beware Of Frozen Pipes

It’s also important to not that any exposed water pipes you have on your rental property can become frozen easily–especially in areas with more severe temperatures and colder climates. Many homeowners and property managers tend to overlook pipes within their sprinkler system, but these are the ones most prone to freezing and bursting in the winter. Avoid this common mistake by shutting off the water to your outdoor plumbing system and then draining all of the faucets. This will prevent any frozen pipes, risks, messes, and costly repairs. If you’re a homeowner or property manager that needs assistance with this plumbing precaution, be sure to contact your local plumbing professional and/or vendor.

» Check Your Heating + HVAC System

Even in California and the Los Angeles Basin, heating is important during the winter and holiday season. If you’re a landlord or property manager, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your tenants and residents have adequate resources to proper, safe heating. That’s why it’s important to have your furnaces and HVAC system(s) inspected before winter fully hits!

» Remember To Lock Up

For residents and common areas throughout your residential property, it’s important to pay special attention to locking doors and windows during the holiday season. With additional visitors and higher foot traffic in your neighborhood or apartment building, be sure to remind tenants about securing their homes by fastening all locks and bolts before going to bed, running errands, and leaving town for any holiday festivities.

Some homeowners and property managers ought to consider investing in a smart lock. These smart devices are extremely more convenient than traditional locks since they can be locked and unlocked remotely, keeping homes and common areas ultra-safe. For any last-minute holiday shoppers, this innovative home-tech gadget could be the perfect gift for just about anybody!

» Add Timers To Indoor Lights + Lamps

If you don’t already do this, try putting home lamps or holiday lights on timers this winter season. Whether it’s for communal spaces on your property or within your own home, this small act can deter any crime by giving the appearance that your space is fully occupied and operating. Saving extra on energy costs and utility bills is just another perk to this technique.

» Check Your Maintenance List Twice

For any homeowner or property manager, you can avoid additional stress throughout the winter and holiday season by simply preparing in advance. Be methodical. Remember to complete all planned and scheduled maintenance tasks and keep an organized maintenance list of any unexpected issues or repairs that arise.

Promoting Health + Wellness At Your Property This Winter

In addition to winter safety, your property can go the extra mile by putting extra effort into minimizing the spread of common seasonal viruses. Here are some measures you can apply throughout communal spaces at your properties and/or offices!

» Invest In Wellness Supplies

Be a good property manager this holiday season by distributing extra wellness supplies throughout your facilities and/or leasing offices. Some of the most common items that promote winter wellness include:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Anti-bacterial wipes
  • Tissues
  • Tea sachets

» Consider Hands-Free Appliances

If you want to go above and beyond to eliminate germs from your property, homeowners and property managers should consider investing in hands-free appliances. Not only do these modern devices accomplish your hygiene goal, they also increase the overall value of your property! Below are some of the most common hands-free appliances you see today:

  • Motion Sensor Faucets
  • Automated Soap Dispensers
  • Touch-Free Garbage Cans
  • Hand Dryers

» Encourage Healthy Habits

Whether it’s through posted signage, email reminders, or etc. your property can promote hand washing and flu shots to any residents, neighbors, or visitors. Sometimes people just need a little nudge to remember that promoting their own personal health is the best way to prevent others around them from getting sick.


There you have it! With the above tips and hacks, we hope that your properties reap all of the benefits of winter safety and wellness, so everyone can fully enjoy this holiday season. For any inquiries or to set up a consultation complete with a free property management quote, contact us at LBPM today by calling 818.918.3967.


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