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Questions to ask when interviewing an HOA Management Company

Questions to ask when interviewing an HOA Management Company

Hiring the most professional, and skilled HOA Management Company is not less than a challenge. You must be busy with your fellow committee to check the best option that can fulfill your needs. Right?

The process of hiring an HOA Management company consists of interviewing part. It includes interviewing all those companies that you shortlisted. In this session, you ask a variety of questions. TRUST ME; this one is the most powerful way. It helps to determine which companies are potential and capable enough.

You can make this process even more professional. By asking professional questions, you can get insightful information. Yes, the more the useful questions are, the more your decision will be accurate.

So, to help you, we have come up with a plethora of appropriate questions. These will help to make the most of your HOA management company interviews. Try asking the questions related to common HOA property management services that includes

  • Administration
  • Maintenance
  • Customer service
  • Financial
  • Communications

And you definitely will get reach to decision of the right HOA Management Company

So, what are those Top Questions to ask when interviewing an HOA Management Company

1. How many successful years of experience the HOA Management Company has?

The very first thing you need to focus on is the company’s history. Yes, that’s a matter a lot! Knowing a company’s history means you are evaluating the years of experience that a particular company has spent in the business. You can start by checking the HOA Management Company’s website and reading the about us section. If the website lacks such information, the better option is to ask one-to-one for their history. This way you can scale the company’s level of experience. The questions that can ask include:

  • How long have you been in this business?
  • What kind of services do you offer?
  • What is your mission and vision statement?
  • How many homeowners associations do you manage?

If you get the satisfactory answers to all the questions in bullets, then you can count that company in your list.

2. How many units does your HOA property manager manage?

It is common that HOA Management Companies overload their managers by giving so many HOA projects to manage. From a rough estimation, almost 500 homes are allotted to a single HOA manager, which means few of the HOA clients from the crowd can easily be neglected. So, ask first what the workload is and then decide further.

3. What about community inspection? How often has community inspection done?

The HOA community inspection should be done on a regular basis to check for the violations if occur. The compliance inspector must check for the violation and take necessary actions. However, the community manager should always answer the questions from board members.

4. Do you have a team to help out HOA property manager in day to day task?

It is not right to assign all property management tasks to the community manager. There should be a cooperative team to help him and serve to the community association. Though a specific HOA property manager is assigned to your Homeowner Association, you are actually hiring the entire team from the Community Association Department. A good team should include a community manager, a compliance manager, and specialists. Also, a client services representative and a director of community management.

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5. How long do you take to respond to calls and emails? Who answer the important calls when a community manager is a way to inspect property?

It is vital for HOA Management Company to respond quickly to homeowner’s association board members within 24 hours. At the community same time, there should be specialists to answer homeowners’ questions. If a company ensure you about all these, then you can consider it otherwise check for others.

Similarly, it is crucial for the board members to communicate with the community’s managers and respond to phone calls on time. If a company lacks at this point, then there would be a loophole in the services that they are providing.

Without coordination, no company can succeed! So you need to keep this thing in your mind when interviewing an HOA management company.

6. Does a company inspect lots before transfer from one homeowner to another?

It is important for escrow coordinator to visit the lot on receiving Title Company’s request. The coordinator should check the lot for any violations. He should disclose the information gathered to the title company and documented in the management company’s system.

7. Does your particular HOA Management Company have a team of professionals or not?

Without a team, a company can’t be a company.

Having a team of experienced staff for the related field in the business matters a lot. The reason is: the experts are the guarantee and the mirror of your business. Experts are the ones who show professionalism. The professionals do a commitment to quality services to serve HOA clients. Also, the professional HOA Property manager that would be assigned to you should understand the homeowner association governing documents. One need to make sure if your state requires then the company you’re considering must be licensed and insured. So confirm it before whether they have a competent team.

8. What hours can be a community manager reached?

Prompt response is crucial for every business. An HOA manager should be available 24 hours a day. The reason is: emergency could happen at any time. So entertaining that emergency situations what matters. During daytime, he should be reachable via office phone, email and cell phone. In evenings, HOA Management Company should have emergency answering service.

9. What are your company strategies and policies?

This is the first essential question you need to ask to get knowledge about the company’s way of working. The answer will give you the appropriate details about the company’s working policies and strategies. You may ask these questions to take more detailed knowledge about the company.

  • Who do you deal with, currently?
  • How much time your dealings take for processing?
  • Does the company have ownership of a service company, if yes, how do they implore viable proposals?

10. How does your finance management work?

Getting an idea about the revenue collection and bills management is essential to understand a company’s financial status. Further queries can include:

  • How you pay your bills?
  • What way do you choose to handle delinquencies?
  • What is the structure of your economic team?
  • What insurances the company holds and what is the financial strength of your company?

11. What are your service charges?

The services charges represent the financial status and cooperative environment of the company. It is necessary to ask the costs first so that you can check if it is in your budget or not.

12. Do you offer any additional programs to help our community succeed, if yes, then what are those?

The additional programs offered by the company are essential to help your business grow faster. Ask about the company’s additional programs to learn the extent of cooperation provided by the company.

13. What is your company’s recommended technology to provide us?

The technology advancement is taking place at a rapid rate; it is necessary to know about the company’s technology to check how much-advanced work is being done in the company.

14. How you provide updates to your board members?

Company’s updating method is necessary to know for a better understanding of how much collaboration does the company provide.

15. Do you have references from current board members; we want to get an idea about the kind of services you offer?

Discussing with the board members works great to know about the actual image of a company.

Last but not least. Listen to your heart!

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