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LBPM Homeowner ServicesFrequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my dues? Can I pay online?
How do I get a Proof of Insurance?
How do I submit a Change of Address?
I would like to have the late fee removed from my account.
How can I set up Recurring Payments on my account?
How do you collect and credit our dues?
What do my dues pay for?
Will I be charged a late fee?
What if I use Online Banking to pay my bills?
Can I pay with a cashier’s check or money order?
When do you send my billing statement out?
I have a question about my statement. Who do I contact?
What about after-hours emergencies?
I sent my check but it does not appear on my statement as paid. What do I do?
How much does it cost for a copy of our HOA’s governing documents?