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LBPM the Industrial Property Management Professionals in Los Angeles County and San Fernando Valley

LBPM guarantees our clients the most professional industrial property management company in Los Angeles County and the San Fernando Valley. From large distribution centers to rental properties and industrial parks, LBPM maintains an amazing tenant relationship and achieves a higher level of tenant retention in compliance with the owners’ industrial property goals and objectives.

We have extensive knowledge in commercial property management and industrial property market trends in Los Angeles County and Southern California, and factors in all aspects of building operations to ensure that clients get the most out their properties. We implement a process-driven that incorporates all the essentials required for a steady and regular industrial property cash flow. Our team of industrial property management specialists will make achieving your industrial property goals and objectives seamless, hassle-free, and guaranteed. Contact LBPM today and let us help you achieve your dream.

LBPM’s Industrial Property Management Services

LBPM Industrial professionals provide hands-on management of your industrial investments with capital improvements and extensive services in order to make the satisfaction of both owner and tenant. With our effective oversight and detailed reporting services, we ensure that your industrial assets are performing at peak levels and producing the highest possible returns.


We pride in our expertise in ensuring that your property does not sit empty without appropriate tenants. We specialize in industrial leasing, project leasing, lease and sub-lease, and sales and leaseback. We design and implement a customized marketing strategy to get clients’ properties noticed by the right kind of tenants. We leverage our experience to tailor our marketing campaigns to target specifically the right segment of the market. Our industrial property management leasing service is detailed, to guarantee that our clients get the value that commensurates with the type of their property.

Industrial Property Leasing

Design/Build and Build-to-Suit

LBPM works with leading manufacturing, e-commerce, and logistic companies to design and develop build-to-suit industrial facilities that meet their requirements and needs. We understand the needs of our customers, and this has translated into several build-to-suit successes in our over 30 years of existence.
Our team of industrial property management professionals is experienced, agile, and responsive, and collaborates with the suitable partners in engineering, architecture, and handling of materials to design ultramodern facilities that meet each client’s particular needs.

Project/Construction Management

LBPM has an in-house team of engineers, project managers, and site inspectors that carries out strategic planning and site development with due diligence. In over three decades of existence, we have developed (or are developing) hundreds of projects totaling millions of square meters of industrial and commercial properties.
We accomplish all projects without an overnight an oversight of governmental and local approval processes and incentives.

Industrial Project and Construction Management

Market Research and Analysis

As a leading industrial property management company in Southern California, we carry out in-depth market research and analysis to know the latest trends in the industry for developing effective property marketing strategies and come up with a comprehensive rebranding and repositioning program to achieve the industrial property goals of our clients.
We utilize a strategic approach in carrying out market research and analysis to provide a clear insight into the market’s needs and potentials and facilitate a means of cashing in on the available opportunities.

Investment Sales and Land Acquisition

As a team of professional industrial property managers in Southern California, we provide strategic solutions related to asset disposition, asset recapitalization, investment sales, financial analysis, and land acquisition. We proactively assist our clients in the marketing and the diligence process and communicate with them to make decisions that will guarantee maximum earning potential for our clients. We are an expert commercial property Management Company with the best interest of our clients at heart.

Industrial Asset Sales Management

Capital Market

LBPM is a trusted advisor to investors, property owners, and individuals due to keen market knowledge. We utilize in-depth market intelligence to secure global relationships and provide mortgage services. As a debt financing expertise, we also assist investors and organization to access the capital they require for smooth of their business.

Financial and Accounting Services

At LBPM, we pay keen attention to financial and accounting documentation and provide our clients with in-depth accounting services such as professional financial accounting and reporting, financial analysis and budgeting, and cash management. We have a team of certified and experienced accounting experts who are dedicated to the systematic recording and presentation of all financial information following the appropriate accounting standards.

Industrial Property Financial Management

Corporate Finance capabilities

LBPM works with investors and companies to create unprecedented value. As a leader in industrial property management, we help companies to create a competitive edge through strategic corporate finance. We are capable of creating a world-class finance function that helps companies in effective financial planning and resource allocation. We aim to help investors, property owners, and companies create value through instant access to finance.

Professional Building Maintenance

We partner with qualified agencies to make your property clean, neat, safe, comfortable and inviting to improve lease revenues. We also carry out an energy audit on buildings to ensure that they are energy efficient and save money on the energy bill. We help to keep operating expenses to protect your investment with our excellent industrial property management.

Industrial Building Maintenance

Audit and Inspection

As a reputable industrial property management company in Southern California, we conduct a comprehensive inspection and safety audit to ascertain the effectiveness of your property’s safety program and discover compliance deficiencies and suggest best measures to correct possible hazards and achieve desired safety goals.


Best Industrial Property Management Company & Professional Commercial Property Managers in Los Angeles, CA

When you choose LBPM as your premier Industrial property management expert, you can expect the following benefits and more:

  • Quick responses to queries and concerns
  • Detailed reporting
  • Staff available via phone for direct communication
  • Reduced management costs and overhead
  • Expertise and know-how when it comes to local and surrounding markets
  • Records and reports available 24/7
  • Creative leasing and retention strategies
  • Tenant profiles overlooked by traditional methods
  • Stable, long-term, and diverse tenancies
  • Video and marketing services
  • Sample agreements and properties
  • Client testimonials and case studies
  • Web profile and portal
  • Mortgage and utility audits
  • Referral programs

CACM certified Commercial Property Managers

What Makes LBPM Different From Other Industrial Property Management Companies in Los Angeles County?


Our name is synonymous with excellence, performance, customer satisfaction, and reliability.

Professional Staff

Industrial Property Managers at LBPM hire only the best in their respective fields, the reason our services are excellent and top-of-the-range.

Full-Service Solution

We provide topnotch property maintenance services, the best you can get in Southern California.

Clear Project Objectives

LBPM has a set of clear objectives guiding each type of project.

Programming, Planning, and Design

LBPM has an Industrial Property Management team that is savvy in programming, planning, and design.

Expertly Market Your Property

Our team of Industrial property management marketing and leasing specialists create the right marketing campaign that is suitable for your property.

Construction and Occupancy Coordination

We handle the construction of industrial and commercial properties and coordinate the leasing procedures.

Enhance Property Value

We take the necessary measures that will increase the value of your property.

Reduce Taxes and Maximize Your Income

LBPM explores all tax benefits to reduce the amount of tax payable and increase clients’ income.

Due Diligence

LBPM pays diligence to all necessary factors to ensure that every plan results in the desired ends.

Property Budget/ Accounting

Industrial Property Management team at LBPM provides clients with in-depth budgeting and accounting that considers every transaction.

Risk Liability

We consider all risk factors in the industrial market and create a measure to reduce its effects on the entire process.

LBPM continues to manage the Fallbrook Office Plaza, which boasts occupancy and collectability of over 95% in a market that has been plagued by persistent 20% vacancy rates and collection loss.

Fallbrook Office Plaza,
West Hills, Los Angeles

LBPM continues to manage the Fallbrook Office Plaza, which boasts occupancy and collectability of over 95% in a market that has been plagued by persistent 20% vacancy rates and collection loss. Fallbrook Office Plaza,West Hills, Los Angeles

LBPM the Best Industrial Property Management Company Throughout Southern California


LBPM commercial property management team has developed and re-defined Industrial property management at its unique finest level. With a depth of marketing strategies and management expertise at our disposal, we are able to deliver unparalleled service and cost effective attention for all forms of Industrial properties. With our aggressive Industrial expansion strategy for occupiers and investors, the LBPM Industrial management team is committed to providing a complete spectrum of strategic leasing services for its clients that consistently achieve desired objectives.

Our professionals also develop and implement customized commercial and Industrial property management strategies for third party portfolios that focus on value through proactive management and efficient operations. If you are looking for a Industrial property management company in Los Angeles County, you do not need to go anywhere. LBPM is the right property management company you need to choose. Contact our commercial property management experts or call us at 818-981-1802.


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Build a Custom Quote from LBPM
  • LBPM Association Management Plans

  • Customize Your Service Options

  • How often would you like us to attend your meetings?
Build a Custom Quote from LBPM
  • LBPM Association Management Plans

  • Customize Your Service Options

  • How often would you like us to attend your meetings?