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The Essential Steps to Prepare Your Rental for New Tenants

The Essential Steps to Prepare Your Rental for New Tenants

We understand how much it is difficult to perform apartment management duty, especially if you are going to rent your property to the new tenants. There could be many clashes and differences among renters and property owners. However, to avoid all these problems, clashes, and mismanagement, and to make the rental turnover process smooth preparing a checklist to do things could greatly help the property owners to avoid any bad experience of renting their property to new tenants. We know that every landlord has its own priorities, rules, and regulations for the tenants and they always want that tenants obey them.

So creating a checklist of items can help the landlord to avoid any kind of discomfort. Here we are going to discuss what items should be on your checklist before warm welcoming new tenants.

Checklist for the smooth Rental Turnover

Here in this checklist, we will explain the steps that every new or old house owner or landlord should take before entering any new tenant in their property. It will help them to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. No doubt apartments for rent need proper care and management and must have schedule check before and after tenants leaving.

So before discussing the checklist for new tenants let’s have a look at the steps that are important to be taken before tenants move out.

A. Inspect property before the tenant moves out

However, you don’t need to show hurries be-relax and calm down. Before entering new tenant it’s important to inspect your property before your old tenant leaves the house. This will help you to minimize your long items list.

So here are some of the points that you need to consider before tenants to leave the house.

1. Go for a casual walkthrough

This step is very important to be taken. When your tenant gives you notice, you don’t need to be stressed, the best option is to visit your property to analyze if there is any need of maintenance or anything that would make the tenant count for that. If you find any issue you can inform the tenant to be responsible for that. There could be anything from cleaning to broken tiles etc.

It’s better to make a list of all these things and inform your tenants about that. Similarly, it’s necessary to confirm tenant’s move out date and should schedule the final inspection in coordination with them.

2. Schedule professional home repairing services

Another important step to be taken is to schedule professional services to reshape your property if there is any need. The professional services include plumber, painter, electrician, contractor or cleaner, etc. It’s necessary to contact with all these professionals in advance so that there should be no vacant days on your property. However, many tasks cannot be performed until tenants leave the place but at the same time if the repairs are severe and could take a lot of time like leaking faucet, lose or broken balusters or paint, then you can go for them even in advance by co-operating with tenants.

3. Buy items or supplies

It’s better to purchase everything before and store them in some safe place. Once you will get paint buckets, light bulbs and other items you can easily assemble them and can easily move them to your property when there is need of them.

4. Clean up the property

If cleaning up the yard is not in tenant’s contract, then it’s better to schedule the cleaning of the yard during the last week of your tenant’s occupancy. There could be many tasks regarding clean up yard that includes cutting down the grass, removes leaves, trim overgrown shrubs and trees, remove all the dead plants, clean the sidewalk and much more. It’s important to spray to kill insects.

5. Wash out windows and check for torn screens

The most important action to perform is to wash the windows of the property. Although it is the responsibility of tenants to do that. However, the exterior of the windows is the owner’s responsibility to wash or can even hire the professional washers. Moreover, it’s also necessary to check for any torn screens and to replace with the new one.

6. Clean and change air filters and furnace

You need to clean the air filters of house’ HVAC system also it’s the owner responsibility to get the full-service furnace checkup just to make sure there is no problem in an air duct and everything is working fine.

7. Ensure Plumbing and all Appliances are working

You must make to ensure all utilities of your property are in proper working condition to verify whether you need to pay for the utilities or the current tenant is responsible for paying for them. All the basic necessities for a new tenant should be verified that in operational condition and there are no clogs or leaks in the plumbing.

8. Keep the record of your residents’ future address

This seems the small thing but very important to avoid any discrepancies in future too. Hence, you must note down the address where the present resident is shifted to so you can follow up if any need related to your apartment arises.

B. Steps to take when your tenants move out

9. Re-key the existing locks

It’s better to re-key the existing locks, especially for the exterior doors. Along with that, if there are some alarms in the house or outside, you need to change the code pattern too if applicable. It is your responsibility to collect all the keys from tenants before they leave the house. The keys of lockable items such as gates, mailbox etc.

10. Paint and repair any damage

You need to repair the items if they are broken. First, you need to check the place for any kind of damage. Hire the painters to repaint the house if necessary. Looking for the holes in the wall and repair them. Similarly, if there are broken tiles or dripping faucets, then you need to call the experts to fix it. Hopefully, you can get an idea during your informal walk-through.

11. Health and Safety issues

Safety issues include verifying that all carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in the apartment are properly working. Health issues include checking your property clear of fungus or any signs of mold in the home. This maintenance is mandatory for the health and safety of the new tenant.

12. Carpet cleaning is a must

Carpet cleaning is the most important step and it is considered as a part of tenants work as it is included as a provision in the lease. If the tenant does not clean the carpet, then the money is deducted from their security deposit. So it’s better to clean the carpet, especially if there was any pet before that in this house.

13. Need to hire the cleaning company

If you are actually not confident, whether your tenants are going to clean the house before leaving it, then it’s time to take a decision to hire the professional cleaning company who can help you. We all know that no one wants to spend the first day at home while cleaning the grime of others. For more complicated maintenance, you can always hire a professional.

14. Pricing and Listing your Apartment

It is important to price your apartment correctly to help attract the right tenants. One can search on rental sites such as Zillow, Rent.com and Zumper, good places to start to see what other properties nearby cost to get to know the average rental cost in your area.

Consider your property amenities and benefits include neighborhood, convenient access to transport or highways, schools and grocery stores, parking space, an attractive master bedroom, storage space, having more than one bathroom, a comfortable kitchen or a basement and in the end set target audience or prospective tenants.

15. Screening of the Applicants for the Safety of Rental

Once you have found a few prospective tenants, it’s important to screen them to get to know their identity and background, a history of violence, information on financial stability and employment to make sure their ability to pay rent on time.

The purpose of this checklist is to make sure that the landlord does not face any problem before and during a new tenant move into your property.

When to use the above-mentioned checklist?

The need for this checklist arises at following three times:

(i) When Buying New Rental Property:

Surely the landlord will need to follow the above-mentioned points to find the new tenants for his/ her property rental units.

Buying New Rental Property

(ii) When Rental Lease Expires:

If for any reason the tenant’s lease expires or they have just give the notice to cease the rental agreement, surely the landlord will need to find someone to fill the empty space.

Rental Lease Expires

(iii) When Landlord Evict Tenant:

If for any reason tenant has broken or violated any rule of the lease agreement, then surely the landlord must need to expel him/her to find more reasonable tenants.

Landlord Evict Tenant

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