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LBPM’s Five Star Reviews

LBPM five star Reviews


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Our Location: 4730 Woodman Avenue Suite 200 Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Phone: +1 (818) 981-1802,     Client Concierge: +1 (855) 800-5276

LBPM has been a leader in Los Angeles property management for over 30 years. In that time, we have been in business with literally hundreds of thousands of people between clients, tenants, HOA board members, HOA homeowners, vendors, and prospective tenants. We take customer service very seriously which is why we have our Client Concierge Program and our Dispute Resolution Center.

We appreciate feedback from the many people we work with and if there is an issue, we give many opportunities for people to reach out to us in a productive way. However, in property management, our responsibility is to our clients and the boards we manage. Our main concern is the safety of the people who live in an LBPM managed property as well as ensuring that all of our clients are protected from liability. In doing this, we sometimes have to carry out some unpopular decisions and inevitably have a frustrated tenant or homeowner.

At LBPM we take customer service very seriously, and by all estimates we are succeeding wildly. On this page we proudly present the many positive reviews that we believe truly represent the quality and culture of our people at LBPM.


Marinel Castillo, CCAM of LBPM is the best. She’s responsive, follows through on her commitments, and is very easy to deal with. I would definitely work with Marinel again on property management issues and services.


Lamice, our property manager, really assisted us to the best of her ability helping us through the whole move-in/lease signage process. She never rushed us or made us feel pressured for such an important decision.

We’re so happy she was a major part in the beginning of this new journey in our new apartment in Burbank. Thank you Lamice!


Alex is the best. one of the best property management. They are managing our property in Reseda, Alex, you are doing an outstanding job keep up!


So far, I have been very impressed with my experience. Gabriela’s care and attention appears as a game-changer and a high bar for any other property managers anywhere. She wants to help and make things easy and that feels like such a blessing.

My apartment is becoming my home and I am so delighted and honored to have such a beautiful space. I have owned property and plan to treat the space as if I own it.

I had to leave for 2 weeks and am so sad to be missing time at my new space. Cannot wait to get back!!!


I’ve been living at Balboa Ranch Apartments for quite long time, so far I have no problems dealing with the management specially to the manager (Erica). Very recently we requested to change our old carpet to wood vinyl to keep our place look new and easier for us to maintain, they replaced it immediately according to our agreed schedules. Regarding neighborhood most of them are friendly.

Overall I would recommend this place to my friends and family. Thank you, Erica (onsight manager) for keeping Balboa Ranch Apartments nice and safe!!!


Windward Sun Apartments was the best decision I made. I’ve been living here for over 6 months now and everything about this apartment complex is wonderful.

Location is right across from CSUN. The manager, Shawna, is very kind, polite, and knowledgeable. The maintenance team is prompt and caring. The rent is reasonable. They even cover the water utility! Although no pool, we can easily share the pool next door with our sister apartments. Pet friendly too, so I was able to bring my pet here for a reasonable fee.

I would recommend living here to everyone, any day. I am already signing my lease renewal for an incentive too! Great community and lovely people, at a reasonable price.


Moving across the country has been a hassle, but I was lucky to come across Lamice Sabbagh. Not only did she make the application process smooth from start to finish, but she also introduced me to a few of the neighbors during my move.

Talking about making a Midwest guy feel at home. She’s a really genuine, hospitable person! I’m pretty excited about my new place and continued great service from LBPM.


I just have to say that LBPM is a great company. I am so happy to have found Raul Garcia. My move out day was just around the corner and I still hadn’t found a place to move out to. A friend referred Raul and he was phenomenal!! showed us a couple places and was very professional and informative. Ended up renting out a place finally and im am so far very happy. You guys need more employees like raul!


I enjoyed the responsive and quick service I recieved after just one phone call. I love the fact that I did not have to wait too long for them to show me an apartment. I would recommend it because the management is amazing and each tenant is cared for so well.


We’ve been living in our condo for a number of years now. As with any property, things break and require maintenance. Condos are a bit more complicated since repairs that involve utilities, such as electricity and plumbing, require coordination with other units, access to secured areas, etc..

Thankfully we’ve had Marinel Agbunag, our LB Prop community manager, to help make those experiences as smooth as possible. Marinel is extremely responsive to all of our emails and phone calls. She is patient, understanding, and supportive. Last year when we were experiencing plumbing problems, she went above and beyond by making a house call to resolve our issues.

We are extremely happy with the service Marinel has provided to us, and we hope we’ll be able to continue working with her for as long as we live here.


Good service! I want to thank Nathalie Fajardo, she is super nice and helped me resolve my problem. Truly appreciate!


Since beginning a working relationship with Danielle Carbajal at LBPM, I only have the utmost praise for her and the company. She is a true professional that really cares for her tenants, and has amazing resources to get things fixed quickly, inexpensively and right! I have had 2 occasions to reach out to Danielle, and both times she was pleasant and helpful. It’s so wonderful to be able to work with such a competent caring employee that goes out of her way to take care of her clients. I really don’t think anyone is a better manager in the entire country!!

Sincerely, Alan P


Martha Rosales, the property manager at the Hazeltine property is a very sweet lady that always makes sure that requests for any fixing gets completed.


I have been working with Lisa Lomeli for the past month to transition from our old HOA management to LBPM. So far the service they have provided has been excellent. Lisa has kept me in the loop with all of our vendors, homeowners, bank accounts etc. that needed tending to while they start to take over management. Everything we had previously was a mess and she was able to help me sort it out, always willing to email me back or call me for updates. If the management they provide will be as good as the initial work, we are in good hands.

Two of the other team members at LBPM had come to the property and met with the board. They laid everything out in the open as to what they will provide for service, what the fees are, and what we should expect. So far so good…


I have lived at my LBPM property for 3 years. Ever since we got our new manager Victoria the building has been looking nicer.

The landscaping is nicer and the property stays clean. I really like the small upgrades that are made around the building. I’m so glad LBPM started managing my building here in Northridge.

I never have to wait long to get maintenance problems taken care of. Victoria even does preventative maintenance. 5 stars!


I have lived at two LBPM properties over the course of 4 years. LBPM has wonderful properties and managers. My current manager is Victoria. She is very understanding and responsive. Whenever I have a maintenance issue she gets it fixed immediately. She is considerate of me and my family and always tries to find a solution to any problem I have. If she wasn’t my manager I would’ve moved by now. In addition, I currently work in downtown LA, which is a pretty intense commute to my job, but the LBPM manager Victoria has made the environment community at the LBPM property feel safe.

The LBPM property I am currently living at is right next to CSUN campus, which is surprisingly very quiet compared to the dorms. I give the LBPM property manager Victoria 5 stars for always getting her job done on time.


We just moved into a gorgeous home in West Hills that we leased through LB Management. Our property Supervisor Raul Garcia has done an outstanding job. If it weren’t for Raul the transition would be a nightmare. My husband and I look forward in working with him.

In behalf of our entire family I would like to thank you, your the best!!! I highly recommend Raul Garcia for any realty related issues!!


I really enjoy living in this apartment complex. This is my 2nd apartment, being on my own, and I really love the service and landlord here. My landlord, Natalie at the Windward Sea 1000.02, is really nice and every time me or my roommates have an issue, she immediately tends to the situation. She is also funny and cool which makes the environment more enjoyable, given it is a college city.


Our property supervisor , Linda Sanchez, is really on top of things. We are a 16 unit condominium community. She handles all of our needs on a timely and professional manner. We have been with LBPM for over 8 years now. Thanks Linda!


Lamice has been nothing but AMAZING to us. The application process was a breeze and she knew everything she was talking about. She answered all of our questions and has been extremely accommodating. She has sent a handy man to fix a couple things and has made other appointments for us in a very timely manner.

We had rent confusion this past month and she was very understanding and helpful to our confusion. All 3 of us have had an amazing experience so far!

The apartment is gorgeous and very spacious. It is newly remodeled and everything we wanted! There is not much bad to say about the complex. The only criticism I would have has to do with the thin walls/ceiling because the building itself is older, but there is nothing Lamice or LBPM can do about that.

I would definitely recommend a LBPM property, especially if you get to work with Lamice!