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Do you own a Los Angeles housing community with a Homeowners Association (HOA)? At LBPM, we take a multifaceted, comprehensive approach when it comes to Los Angeles HOA Management. For over 30 years, our team of HOA property managers has taken a keen interest in creating and enforcing policies for housing communities of any scope throughout the Los Angeles area. In addition to effectively managing your HOA Board of Directors, LBPM provides full-service HOA property management for your community, including but not limited to: collecting fees for repairs, ensuring public spaces are well-maintained, budgeting, and etc.

Within any HOA, the community of homeowners will elect a Board of Directors that’s in charge of managing the community–from rules and regulations to dues and funds. More often than not, an HOA Board of Directors will consult a property manager or property management team when the community encounters issues with daily operations or financial reporting. The right HOA management company will be able to provide the expertise and services needed for a community to run smoothly.

Utilizing the latest technology and staying up-to-date with industry certifications such as the Community Associations Institute (CAI) and California Association of Community Managers (CACM), our HOA property managers remain wholly committed to serving your community’s unique needs. At LBPM we take special pride in working closely with property owners and HOA Boards to provide an enjoyable and valuable living experience for residents and homeowners.

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Professional HOA Management in Los Angeles CA

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When you choose LBPM as your full service HOA property management provider, you can expect the following benefits and more:

  • Quick responses to queries and concerns
  • Detailed reporting
  • Staff available via phone for direct communication
  • Reduced management costs and overhead
  • Expertise and know-how when it comes to local and surrounding markets
  • Records and reports available 24/7
  • Creative leasing and retention strategies
  • Tenant profiles overlooked by traditional methods
  • Stable, long-term, and diverse tenancies
  • Video and marketing services
  • Sample agreements and properties
  • Client testimonials and case studies
  • Web profile and portal
  • Mortgage and utility audits
  • Referral programs

Our Los Angeles HOA Property management Supervisors are CACM Certified

Let Our Property Management Team Streamline Your Los Angeles HOA

From condos and townhouses to communities comprised of single-family homes, LBPM offers a wide range of property management services targeted towards maintaining success and satisfaction at your Los Angeles HOA. Choose from our full suite of solutions for an HOA management package tailored to your unique living community!

  • Setting budgets for maintenance, repairs, and more
  • Keeping residents and homeowners informed about HOA Board decisions, announcements, and policies
  • Providing access to important information for homeowners within the community
  • Project planning and management assistance
  • Creating a strong sense of community among homeowners and HOA members
  • Enforcing the community’s rules, regulations, and restrictions
  • Maintaining good business relations with vendors and service professionals the community relies on

Boost Your HOA Board Of Directors:

When you partner up with LBPM, our team provides training programs for your community’s HOA Board of Directors. This helps ensure that new and established board members remain aware of their obligations and duties and that everyone is on the same page when it comes to HOA operations and procedures. At LBPM, we assign a certified HOA manager to your community’s association. This professional becomes responsible for reviewing the HOA Board’s actions, reports, and meeting minutes as well as helping prepare agendas and administration that keeps your HOA running at peak performance.

Routine Inspections + Maintenance:

Our team of HOA professionals take care of inspections and maintenance directly in order to preserve high property values for your community. LBPM offers an HOA Client Concierge online portal in which property owners and board members gain access to 24/7 maintenance requests for any needed repairs or upkeep.

Our Los Angeles HOA Managers offers  inspections and maintenance of HOA on regualar basis

Quality Homeowner + Resident Support:

In addition to offering board members support, LBPM goes the extra mile when it comes to HOA satisfaction by remaining available to residents around-the-clock via call centers that respond to homeowners with immediate concerns or experiencing an emergency. Our portfolio supervisors and client concierge are more than happy to answer any inquiries, improving the relationship between HOA residents and board members overall.

HOA Board Member Portal:

Transparency is the key to success when managing your HOA community. That’s why LBPM provides an online portal for board members to stay on top of various actions and requests. We’re proud to have developed a technological service that allows your HOA Board of Directors to stay efficient when dealing with the following duties: Dues Collection and Supervision – The Online board portal posts when dues will be collected and the number of dues that collected. The portal also will show how much in dues is outstanding and the supervision of those collections.

LBPM makes monthly HOA dues easy for board members and homeowners alike with simple online or mail-in payment options and accurate billing statements. All delinquency collections are administered by a dedicated and knowledgeable team that understands the balance between good homeowner relations and the necessity of consistent collection practices.

  • Task Management – Our HOA Board Member Portal offers full visibility and control to create, update, and monitor tasks in real time, including when certain tasks are started and completed and whether or not tasks exceed the allotted budget.
  • Deed Restriction – Board members can also sign in to view the status of deed restriction violation inspections while also allowing them to see when these inspections are scheduled. In addition, you can also see the results of each inspection, and all violations are shown in detailed reports.
  • Digital Access To Delinquent Homeowner Accounts – Using our online portal, board members gain immediate access to detailed information regarding delinquent homeowner accounts within the community. This information includes why the account is delinquent, the number of times dues have been late, and/or other relevant information.
LBPM Offers Online portal for payments, billings and delinquent home owners

Consultations + Cost Evaluations:

At LBPM, we understand that in order for an HOA board to operate within a set budget, the association ought to consistently evaluate overall operating costs. Our professional and experienced HOA property managers take on the task of evaluating your property’s expenses and strategizing how to reduce overhead to increase overall returns and profits. We can also recommend ancillary income opportunities to help your HOA community generate more income.

Extended Services For Los Angeles HOA Management

In addition to offering standard property management services for your Los Angeles HOA, our team also provides extra services and expertise, depending on the needs and goals of your housing community:

  • Complete + Comprehensive Auditing Services
  • HOA Web Design + Web Development
  • Online + Offline Communication To HOA Residents + Homeowners
  • Construction Projects, Architectural Applications, + Building Permits
  • Budget + Assistance At HOA Board Meetings

Accounting Services For Los Angeles HOAs

Perhaps your HOA’s day-to-day operations are already efficient and optimized, but your housing community requires assistance when it comes to HOA Accounting and Administrative tasks. At LBPM, our team of property managers specialize in financial reporting, including but not limited to:

  • Collecting and depositing all assessments into an operating account set up by or on behalf of the HOA
  • Providing monthly statement to each HOA member and homeowner
  • Paying ongoing bills via the HOA expense account
  • Distributing annual budget disclosures to maintain Civil Code compliance
  • Summaries, statuses, and action reports for all delinquent HOA accounts
  • Tracking receipts and disbursements
  • Providing budget variance reports
  • Reconciling bank statements for operating account(s)
  • Vendor referrals

Current HOA Trends

Since 2005, HOA fees throughout the U.S. have consistently stayed on the rise–no matter the state of the housing market. Due to the steady growth of HOAs over the last decade, homeowner and property owners can expect the following from Los Angeles housing communities:

  • HOA fees increase at a faster rate than median home prices for any given area
  • Older buildings tend to have higher HOA fees
  • The fewer the units within an HOA, the lower the cost for homeowners
  • Smaller units also equate to lower HOA fees

The ongoing steady increase of HOA fees can be credited to aging buildings and HOA stock. As older properties require more and more maintenance and repairs, the fees for that community rise. This is why it’s more important than ever keep your HOA property values high, so you can remain competitive in an increasingly expensive market.

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Grow Your Community & Property Values With LBPM

For over 30 years, LBPM has assisted HOA property owners with minimizing risks and maximizing rewards for their housing communities. With a hands-on approach and extensive backgrounds in Los Angeles property management, our team of professionals are dedicated to helping HOA boards thrive and keeping HOA members happy and satisfied. For any inquiries regarding our HOA property management services, contact us directly to talk to one of our specialists and receive a free property management quote at (818) 918-3967.

Grow Your Community and Property Values With LBPM

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Ms. Crystal Brazile is such a wonderful supervisor. As a new homeowner and new to an HOA community, I feel lost and overwhelmed with so many new information. Crystal is always responsive with any questions I have and so understanding. I appreciate her kindness and her offer to assist every time I need something.

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HOA Management, Los Angeles

Ms. Crystal Brazile is such a wonderful supervisor. As a new homeowner and new to an HOA community, I feel lost and overwhelmed with so many new information. Crystal is always responsive with any questions I have and so understanding. I appreciate her kindness and her offer to assist every time I need something. Home Owner,HOA Management, Los Angeles

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