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LBPM’s commercial property management team tracks record of diverse portfolio of retail properties, from small retail outlets and power centers to large format retail enclosed entertainment centers and buildings. Our retail property management professionals take their duty to protect your property seriously and go the extra miles to ensure that your property is well maintained and your tenants are taking proper care of your property.

LBPM the Retail Property Management Professionals in Los Angeles County and San Fernando Valley

LBPM is the professional and reliable retail property management company in Los Angeles County and throughout Southern California is saying a lot since Los Angeles County is one of the largest counties in the United States and covers more than 4000 square miles. Los Angeles County alone is made up of 88 cities including such cities as Los Angeles, Long Beach, Pasadena, Redondo Beach, and Santa Monica. Over the years we have developed an in-depth resource base that allows us to develop long-term viability of your investments.

As you can imagine Los Angeles County and Southern California includes every type of retail property. There is from small mom and pop store to exclusive boutiques to large malls and office buildings. Of course, Los Angeles County also has its share of grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, industrial buildings, and special-purpose retail spaces such as bowling alleys and theaters.

Here at LBPM, we have over 30 years of experience in managing all different types of retail properties both small and large and established relationships with 100+ Brands. We also have a large team of property managers some of which are highly experienced in real estate which means that we know and understand each neighborhood in Southern California and get you the highest possible rent for your retail building and property.

LBPM’s Retail Property Management Services

LBPM retail professionals provide hands-on management of your retail investments with capital improvements and extensive services in order to make the satisfaction of both owner and tenant. With our effective oversight and detailed reporting services, we ensure that your retail assets are performing at peak levels and producing the highest possible returns.

Market Analysis

Our market Analysis of your retail property includes determining the number of like businesses in the neighborhood or area, how much in demand this type of property is and the special features of your property that will make it more appealing as well as other possible uses for the retail building. This helps us to determine the types of tenants to target when advertising your property and the rent your property can command. We may also make evaluations and recommendations regarding your property based on current and past tenants’ experiences.



Here at LBPM we use both traditional and innovating advertising and marketing techniques advertising both locally and online in order to create the largest possible interest in your property. The more interest we can raise in your retail property the better chance we have to find quality long-term tenants for you to ensure that you will be collecting rent both today and in the future.

Rental Leasing Negotiations

In order to provide high standard retail property management services, we are experts at retail rental leasing negotiations. We know how to balance our responsibility to our clients, you the property owner and making the leases attractive to potential tenants. Our negotiations include such things as who is responsible for what maintenance under the lease such as snow removal and minor repairs. The amount of rent being charged for the property, the length of the lease, and notifying the tenants of maintenance checks and scheduled maintenance.


Preparation of Leases and Applicable Addendum’s

Our leasing experts not only negotiate the lease for your retail property they also prepare the lease and any applicable addendum’s to the lease as agreed to during the negotiation process. We also ensure that your tenants understand all of their obligations under the lease so there will be no misunderstanding at a later date. We take the time to educate your tenants to ensure that they understand their obligations under the lease.

Accounting and Reporting

Here at LBPM, we have accountants as members of our property management team and support staff because we know how important it is to you have an accurate financial record of your property’s income and expenses. This is why our accountants keep a complete record of the rents that are collected as well as maintenance and repair costs and other payments such as property taxes. We also keep you advised of your property’s financial health by issuing monthly reports, which you can also access through your own web portal any time of the day or the night.

retail property management accounting

Walk-Through Services

Our retail property management professionals deal with both moves in and moves out walk-through services of your retail properties in order to prevent you from having to pay for damages caused by the tenants. We examine all details during the walk by pinpointing any damage and deducting the repairs for that damage from the tenant’s security deposit.

Lease Administration and Auditing

Our retail management team also provide lease administration and auditing services in order to ensure that both the tenants and our company are following through on all obligations under the lease as well as to ensure that tenants are paying the correct amount of rent based on the lease agreement as well as to ensure that we as your management company are not overcharging rent.

retail property lease administration

Lease Supervision

As your retail property manager we don’t just negotiate and write leases we also engage in lease supervision to ensure that your tenants are following all obligations under the lease in the manner specified. If possible we will clear up any misunderstandings to ensure that tenants understand their obligations and can follow through. In this manner, we can solve any problems before they occur.

Full-Service Maintenance and Repairs

As of your retail property management company we are dedicated to preserving the condition of your property, which is why we make frequent maintenance inspections of your property including checking to see that your tenants are doing their part to maintain your property. We then take care of any necessary repairs quickly finding contractors who will do the job for the best possible rates.

retail property maintenance

Avoid Tax Escalations

We don’t want you to lose any of your investment income from your retail property due to increases in taxes, which is why we include tax escalation clauses in all of the tenant leases, so that rent increases in proportion to the increases in taxes. These clauses are one of the best ways we have of protecting our clients from unnecessary expenses.


Best Retail Property Management Company & Professional Commercial Property Managers in Los Angeles, CA

When you choose LBPM as your premier retail property management expert, you can expect the following benefits and more:

  • Quick responses to queries and concerns
  • Detailed reporting
  • Staff available via phone for direct communication
  • Reduced management costs and overhead
  • Expertise and know-how when it comes to local and surrounding markets
  • Records and reports available 24/7
  • Creative leasing and retention strategies
  • Tenant profiles overlooked by traditional methods
  • Stable, long-term, and diverse tenancies
  • Video and marketing services
  • Sample agreements and properties
  • Client testimonials and case studies
  • Web profile and portal
  • Mortgage and utility audits
  • Referral programs

CACM certified Commercial Property Managers

What Makes LBPM Different From Other Retail Property Management Companies in Los Angeles County?

Our Reputation

LBPM has been managing retail properties in Southern California for over 30 years and has earned a sterling reputation as a retail property management company known for our high-quality property management services and for treating each and every one of our clients as though they are our only client.

Our Professional Team

Our commercial property management team is made up of a number of highly knowledgeable and experienced property managers as well as highly trained and experienced support staff. Each member of our team brings unique qualities and skills to our company allowing us to provide you with the highest quality services of any property management services in Southern California.

An Effective Property Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your property we go above and beyond what other retail property management company offers including making frequent maintenance checks on your property and ensuring that tenants can reach us 24/7 with any complaints or repair requests both by phone and through their own tenant portal.

We Provide the Best Rent Rates with Quality Tenants

Our retail property management experts know the retail trade and market throughout Southern California, which allows us to command the best rental rates for your property. We also screen all potential tenants in order to find you the best quality tenants possible for your retail investment.

We Expertly Market Your Property

We expertly market your property by using both traditional and innovated marketing strategies. We advertise your property both locally and online to create interest in a large number of potential tenants in order to find you the right tenant for your property.

Benefits for Owners

Here at LBPM we provide several benefits to you the property owner by ensuring shorter vacancy periods, keeping long-term tenants in your retail property, taking care of all maintenance and repairs and much more.

We Help You Enhance the Value of Your Retail Property

We help you to enhance the value of your retail asset by making suggestions for improvements that will result in more income for you.

Due Diligence

Before establishing the rent for your retail property we do our due diligence by studying the neighborhood in which your property is located and learning the rents like retail properties are getting along with making sure that your properties special features are brought to the attention of potential tenants.

Reduce Taxes and Maximize Your Income

We do everything within our means legally to reduce your taxes and maximize the income your property brings in including tax escalation clauses and keeping your property well maintained.

Property Budget and Accounting

We work with you to make a budget for your property and then keep accurate accounting records of all of your income as well as expenditures for your properties. We then keep you apprised of the financial health of your property through reports that you can access through your own personal web portal.

Reduces Risk Liability

We do everything possible to lower your risk liability including making maintenance inspections, seeing that your tenants are following all rules and regulations, keeping your building insured and making prompt repairs so that your property is safe and secure

LBPM continues to manage the Fallbrook Office Plaza, which boasts occupancy and collectability of over 95% in a market that has been plagued by persistent 20% vacancy rates and collection loss.

Fallbrook Office Plaza,
West Hills, Los Angeles

LBPM continues to manage the Fallbrook Office Plaza, which boasts occupancy and collectability of over 95% in a market that has been plagued by persistent 20% vacancy rates and collection loss. Fallbrook Office Plaza,West Hills, Los Angeles

LBPM the Best Retail Property Management Company Throughout Southern California


LBPM commercial property management team has developed and re-defined retail property management at its unique finest level. With a depth of marketing strategies and management expertise at our disposal, we are able to deliver unparalleled service and cost effective attention for all forms of retail properties from retail outlets to malls and buildings. With our aggressive retail expansion strategy for occupiers and investors, the LBPM retail management team is committed to providing a complete spectrum of strategic leasing services for its clients that consistently achieve desired objectives.

Our professionals also develop and implement customized commercial and retail property management strategies for third party portfolios that focus on value through proactive management and efficient operations. If you are looking for a retail property management company in Los Angeles County, you do not need to go anywhere. LBPM is the right property management company you need to choose. Contact our commercial property management experts or call us at 818-981-1802.


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Build a Custom Quote from LBPM
  • LBPM Association Management Plans

  • Customize Your Service Options

  • How often would you like us to attend your meetings?
Build a Custom Quote from LBPM
  • LBPM Association Management Plans

  • Customize Your Service Options

  • How often would you like us to attend your meetings?