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There is a simple 2-Step process to become a registered LBPM vendor.

STEP 1: Register your business with RMIS – Registry Monitoring Insurance Services


RMIS is a 3rd-party monitoring company that we use to track all the necessary certifications, insurance and other compliance information for all our vendors. When registering, you will need to submit evidence of liability insurance and workers comp insurance. RMIS won’t accept insurance certs from anyone except the carrier/agent. Please note that RMIS charges a $109 fee annually.

Once you’ve registered your company with RMIS and provided the necessary certifications, they will send you a Vendor ID number, which we’ll need.

Register with RMIS

STEP 2: Add your business to our company database.

You will need to include your RMIS Vendor ID number to complete registration.

That’s it! This process has been streamlined to make it easy for top vendors to register with LBPM.

Add your business to our database

No Guarantees of Work: Registering your company with RMIS and adding it to our Approved Vendors list does not guarantee that your company will be solicited to bid for jobs or to provide service. When service is required at one of our properties, we may be obligated to select a pre-approved vendor the client has designated, rather than one from our own list. With that said, LBPM is always looking for solid, reliable vendors to add to our list.

Your work is a reflection on us. We want to work with the best!

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