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Vendor FAQs

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How do I become a registered LBPM vendor?
How much does the service cost?
How long does it take a vendor to sign up?
What’s the normal time it takes a vendor to get approved?
What are LBPM vendor requirements?
How do I become a registered LBPM vendor?
How do you onboard our existing vendors?
What if a vendor doesn’t want to sign up online?
Are the vendors required to pay a separate fee for each property?
How are vendors notified if they aren’t compliant?
Do you archive previous years’ certificates of insurance, agreements, W9's, etc?
Does RMIS have a bilingual customer service staff?
What if I already hired a vendor who is not compliant and they have already done the work. How can I get them paid?
What if my vendor doesn’t want to enroll in this program or pay the signup fee?