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Property Management Beverly Hills, CA

LBPM is one of the best leading Property Management Company in Beverly Hills, CA with a team of Professionals. Since Last 30 years, LBPM has been providing premier property management services throughout the greater Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, CA. At LBPM we understand that providing the best possible service means doing what is best for our clients in all circumstances.

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Professional Property Management Company in Beverly Hills, CA

All of the property management companies in Beverly Hills are keen to provide you the best of their services. However, when it comes to LBPM, the property management becomes an experience for you that no one else can provide. Our extensive knowledge, skill, and experience in this field has made us to always succeed in all aspects of property management in the California area. As your best property management company in Beverly Hills CA, we are currently offering the following services:

Residential & Commercial Property Management

We believe, to providing professional management services it is necessary to identify the needs and long-term requirements for your property. Whether you have a single unit, condominium, a multi-unit apartment, or owns a commercial property, LBPM’s professional property management services will handle your time, money, and remove you from the stress involved with owning a property.

HOA Management

Being an experienced and professional property management company, we understand the policies and procedures, laws and have up to date knowledge of changes in those laws. Working with LBPM means that you don’t need to worry and our team of professionals handles all the details like,

  • Handling monthly HOA dues for board members and homeowners with simple online or mail-in payment options and billing statements
  • Accurate and timely monthly operating statements
  • Handling meeting & inspections
  • HOA Dues & Collections
  • HOA Accounting Services
  • Financial Reporting & Budgeting

Marketing & Advertising

LPBM provides the best marketing and advertising services for your vacant properties in Beverly Hills, CA. We at LPBM, use the most sophisticated result driven methods to handle the advertising of your property and provides and processes applications of interested renters in your area of top rental listing websites.

Professional Leasing Services

From advertising rental property to carefully tenant screening, to approve the residents as a safeguard to you, to keep your property well-maintained, to follow the rules of the lease agreement, LBPM provides an experienced and professional leasing service for your property that you don’t need to worry about.

Managing and Consulting

At LBPM, we take our duties as your property manager and the professional relationships we have with our clients and residents and provide you peace of mind keeping you informed of your property. We guarantee your property is in the care of professionals by keeping preventive maintenance & repairs without giving you stress.

Financial Transparency

Our experienced team at LBPM maintains meticulous accounting records including expenses and income, paying your asset’s mortgage, property insurance, and property taxes with a top priority and make ensure our clients that all payments are made on time and keep updated on the income generated from their properties.

Let Us Manage Your Property in Beverly Hills, CA

Letting LBPM manage your property can save you from all the headaches relating to it. You wouldn’t have to worry about the income management that your property would generate.

What makes LBPM different from other property management companies servicing Beverly Hills, CA?

If you are looking for a management company that manages your property in Beverly Hills, then contact us. We have years of experience in dealing with customers that are looking to rent their properties so that their investments can grant them some financial assistance. We have the unique capabilities to make your property management appealing to the prospective clients in Beverly Hills, CA area. We provide the complete property management services and never leave you in the middle of an issue if arises. As we stated it in the preceding paragraphs also, our services include:

  • Managing HOA – Homeowners Association
  • Apartments Property Management
  • Rental Homes Property Management
  • Commercial Property Management

Therefore, whether it is leasing, management, or accounting, you can count on LBPM in your highs and lows. Elaborating the above, our expertise in helping you become one of the respectable members of Home Owners Association is unparalleled. Also, we have been gathering much appraise in settling the terms between the owners and the tenets in leasing out apartments of all sizes, commercial areas, and rental homes.

Beverly Hills Property Management Services

A proper property management service is needed to ensure proper cash flow. When it comes to these services, the LBPM can help you in managing huge apartments, commercial buildings, and rental home.

You would see the change yourself once you hire our services. There wouldn’t be a single day where you would have to worry about your property. Instead, whether it is the management of the property, legal issues, or rent collection, we would be there to do everything on your behalf.

Not just that, with our efforts you could be a respectable member of the Home Owner’s Association. Here too, all you’d have to focus on is your priorities, we would do the rest of the work. Below is a list of the Beverly Hills property management services we provide to our clients. read on the services that we offer.


Based on your requirements, we can manage to search for the right tenants for your property, all the while making the process very easy, and free of complications.

Property Management Leasing Services

Repairs & Maintenance:

Maintaining a property requires efficient managing services that can look after it. If we see that your property can require maintenance, we have the experience in using a variety of contractors and other specialists to bring your property in perfect shape.

Property Management Maintenance Services

Rent Collections:

Renting out properties are akin to having any other business. The owner has to make sure that the invoices sent are entertained on time. Similarly, in the real estate rent collection has to be done on time. In order to do that, we can take any measure. With having us at your side, your tenants would make it their obligation to pay rent on time, otherwise, they would have to face litigation.

Property Management Rent Collections


Any expense, income, or tax compliance relating accounting is done with the help of our computerized systems that we have up to date. We can provide you with valuable insights in all of the mentioned financial aspects.


When we are done with accounting, the details are prepared in a report which you can receive. This report includes every detail of leasing activities concerning your property.

LBPM offers professional property management in Beverly Hills, CA

Reading about us would definitely have given you enough idea about our capabilities. Our professional services regarding property management can make every process easy for you. And because of this, you can have your days spent in utter relaxation. The customers that we have served have praised our professionalism, and those reviews can be accessed on Yelp. We do not leave any discrepancy in having your property managed properly and for the benefit of your financial condition. Once hired, you can have the insights about the performance of your property through our reports. LBPM is known for being a keen property management company in Beverly Hills, CA. Therefore, hire us now, and see how your profits touch the sky.

Hiring a Property Management In Beverly Hills

LBPM is widely considered one of the best property management in Beverly Hills.

Property Management Company in Beverly Hills, CA

LBPM is a property management company providing Rental homes management, HOA management, Apartment management and property management services in Beverly Hills, CA.

About Beverly Hills, CA

We also call Beverly Hills with another name, which is “City of Glamour” because it is one of those cities in California, which has been able to grab a lot of attention from Hollywood.

But that’s not all. The commercial aspects of this city can also not be ignored. The business activities that take place here have revenues in billions. Therefore, whether you own a house or some commercial property, renting it out in Beverly Hills can prove to be the investment of your lifetime. However, to maintain your property in such a place, you’d need to hire the management services. We have been helping property owners generate handsome amounts from their properties in this dazzling city of glamour.

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