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Property Management In Playa Del Rey, CA

One of the most sought-after property management companies in Playa Del Rey is LBPM. This company has spent the last 30 years building a premier property management team whose experience and skill is top notch. LBPM offers owners the full range of property management services including marketing, leasing, repair, and maintenance of your property as well as reporting and accounting so that you know everything that is happening with your investment.

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LBPM treats each and every one of their clients as though they are the only client providing them with personal and professional services. We are your partners in ensuring that you get the most out of your investment property in Playa Del Rey.

Professional Property Management Company in Playa Del Rey, CA

Having the right property management for property owners in Playa Del Rey can help make your property an inviting place for your tenants today, tomorrow and in the future. Our locally owned company will handle all of the daily details involved in caring for your rental property. We are attentive to every detail that makes your property unique and appealing to tenants.

Playa Del Rey, CA Property Manager

Whether we are are marketing your property, signing up new tenants, collecting rent, or managing maintenance we oversee each and every aspect of the management of your property. Here is a brief look at some of the types of properties we manage.

HOA Property Management

Our professional and experienced supervisors provide professional direction for board and homeowners meetings. We will be your voice at all Home Owner Association meetings and represent your interests making sure you always know what is happening. We believe that open and effective communication with you is the cornerstone of good Playa Del Rey property management. We make ourselves available to answer all of your calls in a timely manner so you always know what is going on with your HOA property.

Apartment Property Management

Here at LBPM we can manage your apartment building making sure that if you have an apartment for rent that we effectively market your rental to find the best potential tenants possible. Our property management team will help to make your apartment for rent appealing and find tenants who are looking for a long-term lease. We also oversee all maintenance of your apartment complex and keep you informed of any problems and how we have dealt with them.

Commercial Property Management

Commercial properties like residential properties can benefit from a good property management company. LBPM understands the changing commercial environment and is proactive in finding solutions to make your commercial appealing to today’s modern businessmen and women. We go out of our way to help find long-term tenants for your commercial property to ensure that you get the best out of your investment both today and in the months to come.

Rental Homes Property Management

Here at LBPM we offer single homeowners the same services that we offer to owners of apartment complexes and commercial properties. Whether you own one or several rental homes LBPM can manage your property for you from marketing your property and finding the right tenant to collecting rent and maintaining the property. We treat every client the same regardless of the number of rental properties they put under our care.

Playa Del Rey, CA Property Management Services

Most people believe that any property management company in Playa Del Rey only benefits the property owner, whom they represent. However, the truth is that Playa Del Rey property management companies can also be extremely beneficial to renters as well. If you are looking to rent in the Playa Del Rey area then LBPM can help you find the home or business or your choice. LBPM has single family homes as well as apartments to rent and commercial properties. We do our very best to match the right property with the right tenant and we feel confident we can help you find the right property to meet your needs.

LBPM offers the following property management services in Playa Del Rey:

Marketing & Advertising:

As a property owner you want your property to occupy as quickly as possible once a previous tenant leaves. Our property management team will aggressively market your property both locally and online to ensure that we create a large number of interested tenants who are interested in long-term leasing.

Property Management Leasing Services

Tenant Acquisition:

As part of LBPM’s property management services, we take care of leasing your property through our tenant acquisition process which covers all services from the reliable tenant screening process to the tenant retention, your rental property maintenance, and repairs, minimize the risk of default, tenant eviction process. Before we give any potential tenant a lease we thoroughly vet that tenant and make sure they are the right tenant for your property and has the potential to be a tenant over the long term. We also make sure that each renter clearly understands their duties in accordance with the lease agreement to avoid potential problems in the future.

Property Management Maintenance Services

Repairs and Maintenance:

LBPM will frequently inspect your property or properties to ensure that your property is well kept up and to tend to any necessary repairs as soon as possible. In addition, our team of property managers will answer tenants repair calls 24/7 so that you won’t lose sleep every time there is a problem.

Property Management Rent Collections

Management Consultations:

Our team here at LBPM offers you an in-depth knowledge to learn more about property management through the consultation program. The consults introduce complex management procedures and practices in an easy to understand format, like help you to learn tenant credit report, how to prep your rental home for new tenants, advertise the rentals through the right channels, understand the HOA and homeowners responsibilities, knowledge of laws related to property management, lease agreement sections detail, pricing your rental in each locale, and many more.

Accounting & Financial Reporting:

In order to know how well your property is doing and to have the documents you need that are required by local, state and federal governments you need to keep an accounting for each of your rental properties. As your property management team, LBPM does your accounting for you detailing all income from your properties as well as expenses and then keeps you apprised of those accounting details by reports and through your own web portal. We know how important it is to keep you updated on everything that occurs with your investment property. Which why we create monthly reports in order to keep you updated on everything that is going on with your investment property.

What makes LBPM different from other property management companies servicing Playa Del Rey, CA?

If you are looking for a management company that manages your property in Playa Del Rey, It’s time to partner with professionals! LBPM has years of experience in dealing with clients that are looking to rent their apartment or commercial property so that their investments can enhance their property value. We have the capabilities required to make your property management appealing to the potential clients in Playa Del Rey, CA. We provide the full-service property management services in Playa Del Rey.

Hiring a Property Management In Playa Del Rey, CA

LBPM is widely considered one of the best property management in Playa Del Rey.

Property Management Company in Playa Del Rey, CA

LBPM is a property management company providing Rental homes management, HOA management, Apartment management and property management services in Playa Del Rey, CA.

About Playa Del Rey, CA

Playa Del Rey is a beachside community that is located on the west side of the city of Los Angeles, Ca. The area is mostly residential with a few businesses mixed in. As part of the Los Angeles area, the residences in Playa Del Rey is made up of condos, apartment complexes, and single-family homes. The Playa Del Rey beach attracts people who enjoy spending their free time out of doors and therefore makes for a wonderful place to live.

It is also an area where many people own investment properties many of which rely on a property management company in Playa Del Rey.  You can receive all management assistance from our team at LBPM.

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