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Property Management San Fernando Valley, CA

LBPM is best leading Property Management company with a team of Professionals. For Over Three decades LBPM has been the premier property management company throughout greater Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. At LBPM we understand that providing the best possible service means doing what is best for our clients in all circumstances.

San Fernando Valley Property Management

LBPM Property Management is a leading Property Management Company in San Fernando Valley – delivering first-rate property management services to both residents and clients in the state. If you own a property (whether residential or commercial property) in the San Fernando Valley area, we can work with you as your dedicated and trusted property management company. With our San Fernando Valley property management services – we can help you fully maximize your revenue, reduce expenses and offer you absolute peace of mind that’s linked with successful management of your property.

Being a property management company in San Fernando Valley with many years of experience in the field, we know all it takes to win in the property management business arena. LBPM Property Management is fully aware of the ins and outs of what works and what doesn’t – and this guarantees that every property we handle will always result in outstanding success. We will help take care of your property rental, sales or purchase needs in San Fernando Valley and the only part you will play would be to satisfactorily cash your check.

Property Management for Property Owners in San Fernando Valley

LBPM Property Management manages single-family homes and provides residential apartment buildings management for property owners in San Fernando Valley. If you wish to rent your property, sell the property or even invest in more properties, we can help you get it right, so you maximize profit and get good returns on your investment. Property owners rely on our services because we are 100 percent transparent with every deal, and we don’t surprise clients with any sort of hidden charges.

With our property management for property owners in San Fernando Valley, clients enjoy so much advantage, including: Better Leasing, Better Maintenance, Better Protection.

San Fernando Valley Property Management for Renters

LBPM offers exclusive property management for renters – comprising a single, family home, and other apartments for rent.

  • First of all, we will help improve and prepare your property in San Fernando Valley for rent. Here LBPM property managers will suggest and provide enhancements that will boost revenue.
  • We will also help in deciding the best rental rate applicable. This is because if rent is too high, it may take a longer time to rent, and if too low – you will lose money on monthly basis. Analyzing and applying the ideal pricing requires professional knowledge of the property local market, data vis-à-vis sold properties, & access to rental tools.
  • LBPM will market your property to experienced property management workforce. With many years of experience writing ads that sell, we will help to advertise your property in San Fernando Valley to receive a maximum volume of renters within a short timeframe. You are sure of successful rental deals with us, always!

We offer the following property management services in San Fernando Valley:

HOA Management:

We provide HOA Management solution to help keep your property deals in check. With this, we manage your property sales records and provide comprehensive reports that will be accessible by you online or via email. Using advanced property software, all our clients’ property transactions are stored securely and done with precision.

HOA Dues & Collection:

We manage your property and also make sure every dollar is accounted for. This means that you will always receive your rental fees or property sale’s payment within schedule, once the renter or buyer has made payment. With many years of experience doing this – we will always get your payments cleared on time.

HOA Accounting Services:

Using cutting-edge property management software, we will produce account records that will enable you view your financial reports in easy to read format. This will be updated either monthly or weekly, as you require. You can reach out to our property management accounting department to discuss further about your request on this.

Rental Homes Management:

Providing the best rental homes management solution – we can help guarantee that your property attracts the right clients. Your property needs clients that will be able to pay their dues, and with our knowledge about the business, you can count on us to get this done correctly, so you enjoy peace of mind.


As mentioned before, only the best clients will value your property and make required payments for their leasing term as agreed and documented; on time. We make this happen by firstly carrying out screening exercise for every applicant or tenant, and thereafter only approve those that meet our criteria.

Cash Flow Analysis:

We will update you regularly – providing you cash flow data on the monthly and yearly transactions as accrued for your property. This will help you understand your income report and be properly organized for tax records and other accounting requirements.

Maintenance & Repairs:

Leave your property maintenance and repair needs to us – as we will make sure this is handled professionally. This will ensure your property is at its best condition at all times and as a result be able to attract serious clients always.

Best Property Management Company in San Fernando Valley, CA

With many years of property management experience – we have been adjudged as the Best Property Management Company in Hollywood and this is revealed in our first-rate services to 100 percent fully satisfied local and overseas clients. With many decades of experience in managing properties in Hollywood, we can help take care of both residential and commercial properties in San Fernando Valley – among other locations.

Benefits of using Hollywood Property Management Services:

Better Leasing:

LBPM property management team will take care of the responsibilities of advertising clients’ property, and also handle applications of people who are interested in rentals. The entire process is done carefully to screen and approve the residents for security reasons and to safeguard you.

Property Management Leasing Services

Better Maintenance:

In case of unforeseen problems, we work closely with approved Maintenance firms and a number of other reputable contractors. This helps us to quickly address property maintenance issues within a 24-hour emergency time-frame.

Property Management Maintenance Services

24/7 Coverage:

We have the highly efficient and hardworking customer care team. Our team comprises of the people who believe in the customer services. However, our ultimate goal is to delight our clients by providing the outclass property management services along with the 24/7 customer support services.

Property Management Rent Collections


LBPM staff provides thorough accounting records comprising outlays and income to keep our clients well-informed of the income that’s being generated from their property.


We also provide financial reports on daily basis which are accessible online to our clients, and also full monthly reports.

Looking for apartments to rent in San Fernando Valley?

Look nowhere else as LBPM Property Management Company offers the best apartments for rent. You can get all categories of apartments to rent from us and whatever your budget – you are sure to get the perfect one that meets your needs and taste.

Contact us now and let’s discuss the advantages of using our professional property management Services in San Fernando Valley and also get a free quote!

Property Management Company in San Fernando Valley

LBPM is a property management company providing Rental homes management, HOA management, Apartment management and property management services in San Fernando Valley, CA.

About San Fernando Valley, CA

The San Fernando Valley is often times referred to as ‘The Valley’. It is an area situated in Los Angeles County in Southern California and has other cities in the Valley comprising Hidden Hills, Glendale, Calabasas, Burbank, and San Fernando. The valley has weather that’s usually very hot during the summer season; and has winter periods that are pleasant. It is also renowned for its Indian and Mexican foods, with several sushi spots. San Fernando Valley is also the special site for attractions and has popular locations like the Getty Center Museum, beaches of Malibu & Santa Monica, 6 Flags Magic Mountain, and Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, among others.

San Fernando Valley provides great property potential benefits for investors and homeowners that wish to get the best out of their home rental, sales or purchases in the state. Always bear in mind that Property Management Services in San Fernando Valley can only be best handled by professionals and a trusted property management company like LBPM.

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