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“Professional property management from LBPM can save you both time and money, and it doesn’t have to mean surrendering control of your property” (G.W. Ekins, Apartment Owner, LBPM client).

  • We manage properties large and small.
  • We oversee all maintenance and vendors.
  • We rent your vacant unit(s) quickly and efficiently.
  • We handle difficult tenants and evictions.
  • We answer emergency and urgent calls 24/7.
  • We hire and train new on-site managers.
  • We offer full accounting and bill pay services in West Hollywood, CA.

The Best Property Management Team In West Hollywood, CA

At LBPM, we believe in property management made easy for everyone involved–property owners, on-site managers, and tenants. Whether you’re looking for a full-service property management team or just want to outsource a couple duties for your West Hollywood units or buildings, LBPM brings nothing but the best in custom property management packages and service with a smile and hands-on approach.

Featured Properties in West Hollywood, CA

Premier West Hollywood Property Managers

For over 30 years, LBPM has offered professional property management and consultation services in West Hollywood, CA for residential and commercial property owners throughout Los Angeles County. This means that we’re more than well-acquainted with West Hollywood rental and leasing trends–we’ve witnessed local and surrounding markets grow and decline over the years and continue to conduct market research and analysis to keep our clients on the cutting-edge.

Our West Hollywood Property Management Services

With an eye for detail paired with the drive for big picture results, LBPM’s team of professionals and experts are committed to servicing West Hollywood properties according to their unique requirements and needs. We handle day-to-day operations and behind-the-scenes administrative tasks to ultimately grow your property’s worth all while you focus on growing your investment portfolio. Here is a snapshot of some of the property management duties we offer as part of our full suite of services:

Marketing + Advertising From The Professionals:

Whether it’s your goal to sell your property or put it on the rental/leasing market, LBPM guarantees savvy marketing and advertising strategies that maximize your return on investment (ROI). Because every property is different, we offer a personalized approach and customized plan for each client. LBPM’s team of professionals can ensure that your property listing(s) reach the best suited audiences along with well-researched emerging markets you might have never considered.

Background Checks + Tenant Screening:

At LBPM, we take care of the more cumbersome property management duties, including background checks and screening for new potential tenants. To ensure long-term success and returns for your West Hollywood property, our team goes the extra mile to secure credible tenants according to each property owner’s criteria. From credit reports to rental histories, we take special care to make sure your residential and/or commercial unit(s) are in good hands.

Rent + Fees Collection:

Let’s face it: collecting rent and late fees can be a tedious, messy affair. That’s why LBPM offers an efficient and effective property management portal for both tenants and landlords. With this portal, tenants can pay rent safely and securely online, and tenants can see any missing or late payments from their dashboard at a glance.

Management + Consulting From The Experts:

After 30 years of experience in the real estate industry and Los Angeles rental and leasing markets, we’ve developed the expertise property managers need to maximize the appeal and value of their unit(s). Whether you need hands-on property management services or detailed insight and advice regarding the future of your West Hollywood property, our team of professionals are prepared with the data and background to support your investment decisions.

Maintenance, Construction, + Repairs:

From routine maintenance to renovations and new construction, you can leave the building and repairs to us. Our team of property management professionals can oversee any on-site project while making sure it sticks to your timeline and budget. Additionally, LBPM is partnered with a list of trusted vendors and contractors who are just as committed to excellence as we are.

Available 24/7:

One of the benefits that sets LBPM apart from other Los Angeles property management companies is that our premier staff is available around-the-clock to answer phone calls and offer tenant/landlord support. Customer service and tenant satisfaction is a top priority when it comes to each and every one of our clients and investments. That’s why LBPM is available 24/7 to respond to emergency calls as well as tenant complaints and disputes.

Where West Hollywood Property Owners Come First

When you partner up with the LBPM property management team, you can rest assured that your investment is in good hands. Our team of experienced professionals and experts are committed to short-term solutions and long-term success for your residential and/or commercial unit(s). No matter the services within your custom property management plan, property owners can expect the following key benefits from working with the LBPM team:

Higher Tenant Acquisition + Retention:

With LBPM property management services in West Hollywood, CA, property owners gain access to our team of experts for renting or leasing out your unit(s) to quality tenants. We take care of every step of the process, including: marketing, advertisements, tenant screenings, repairs, maintenance, and accounting and bookkeeping. With our thorough approach, we ensure lower turnover rates and higher stability for your property values to steadily grow.

Property Management Higher Tenant Acquisition and Retention

Lower Vacancy Rates:

In relation to higher tenant acquisition and retention, our property management team in West Hollywood, CA is committed to more aggressive strategies to fill any vacant unit(s) and sustain lower vacancy rates all year round. This ensures that property owners are consistently maximizing their returns and revenue each quarter and fiscal year.

Property Management Lower Vacancy Rates

Higher Quality Maintenance + Upkeep:

At LBPM, our team of professional property managers in West Hollywood, CA fully understands the importance of maintaining and increasing high property values for curb appeal and tenant retention. That’s why we remain available 24/7 for maintenance requests and communicate with vendors for any construction or repair work.

Property Management Higher Maintenance

Higher Tenant Satisfaction:

Because the LBPM team in West Hollywood, CA is available around-the-clock for requests, complaints, disputes, and even emergencies, tenants can also rest assured that they’re receiving first-class service from their property managers. Investing in tenant support and satisfaction is another surefire way to reduce turnover and vacancies for long-term returns.

More Accounting + Reporting Accuracy:

Keeping track of all the accounting and finances associated with your investment is a huge undertaking. Most property owners end up outsourcing this work to accountants or financial consultants. However, LBPM is proud to offer a world-renowned financial team that is experienced and equipped to organize and track all of your property’s expenses and revenue. As an extra convenience, LBPM clients gain easy-access to financial details on a daily basis and receive detailed, monthly reports from our team.

Less Administrative Overhead:

By relying on one full-service company to take care of on-site operations and financial reporting, property owners avoid having to pay for the labor of two separate companies and/or specialists. With LBPM, you save precious time and money, so you can focus on increasing profits and growing your investment portfolio.

Hiring a Property Management In West Hollywood, CA

LBPM is widely considered one of the best property management in West Hollywood, CA.

Our Promise To West Hollywood Property Managers

At LBPM, our world-class property management team utilizes the latest and greatest in research, data, and technology to keep our clients’ investments profitable and cutting-edge in any market forecast. Property owners can expect the following features from us:

Full-Service Property Management Plans:

From planning to implementing effective strategies, LBPM is a full-service company that manages your investment according to its budget and requirements.

Customized Strategies + Hands-On Approach:

Every West Hollywood property is different, so we let you decide which property management tasks you think would be most beneficial to outsource. After crafting your custom property management plan, our professionals take on a hands-on approach to deliver the best results.

Expert Budgeting + Accounting:

We offer the best in accounting and budgeting services, so our clients don’t have to worry about collecting rent and fees or tracking overall expenses and revenue.

Market Knowledge + Expertise:

With 30 years of experience, our team is knowledgeable about Los Angeles real estate market(s) and remains aware of local laws and jurisdiction that affect your West Hollywood property. Remain compliant and reduce tax liabilities with LBPM.

Due Diligence + Accountability:

At LBPM, we offer personalized property management services and want you to feel like our only client. That’s why we continue to inspect and keep you updated on the condition of your property–because we’re successful when you’re property is in its best condition.

Property Management Company in West Hollywood

LBPM is a property management company providing Rental homes management, HOA management, Apartment management and property management services in West Hollywood, CA.

Go-To West Hollywood HOA Property Managers

Are you a property owner or landlord looking for a property management team that specializes in HOA units and/or communities in particular? Look no further than LBPM. From managing fees and memberships to enforcing rules and guidelines, our experienced property management team is experienced and equipped to handle any HOA investment.

Need Apartment Property Management In West Hollywood, CA?

At LBPM, we understand the complexity involved in managing multiple units in an apartment complex or building. Ease the burden of tenant acquisition and satisfaction in large numbers all while increasing the returns on each of your apartments when you work with our world-class property management team in West Hollywood, CA.

Property Management For West Hollywood Rentals + Homes

Whether you own a single family or multi-family property, LBPM is prepared to build a solid relationship with your tenants while keeping your homes and/or rentals in tip-top shape. Increase your property values over the long-term with our experts and professionals on your side.

Savvy West Hollywood Commercial Property Management

No matter the industry or commerce your commercial property accommodates, LBPM is here to maximize your leasing opportunities and investment returns when it comes to your high-demand commercial space.

Do you have any additional questions regarding our property management services and specialties? Contact our team of professionals today for a free property management proposal at (818)-918-3967.