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Property Management In Woodland Hills, CA

Since Last 30 years, LBPM has established a name to provide the high quality and highly professional management services for the residential and the commercial property. LBPM is one of the best leading Property Management Company in Woodland Hills with a team of Professionals. We offer our customers the ultimate customers delight. So if you are looking for a trusted company offering services of property management in Woodland Hills, then LBPM is your right choice.

Woodland Hills Property Management

LBPM Property Management is the renowned property management company in Woodland Hills. We have with us a team of highly professional and dedicated people who believe in serving the clients in the best possible manner. With our extremely professional and updated approach toward handling the property cases and the expertise that we have developed over the years, we offer nothing less than the best. Our rational approach has given us a competitive edge over the competitors.

Property management services in Woodland Hills

With the hard work and the dedication spread over the several years, the LBPM Property Management has established itself as the company which provides the excellent property management services. We believe in including a more personal approach toward serving the customers. Our clients usually do not have much time to go through the complex details of the property management, including collecting rents, managing tax reports, etc. However, while working with us they do not have to worry about the property management at all. We have with us experts and latest technology to give the best services. Some of our highlighted services include:

Marketing and Advertising

If you are intending to sell your property or want to give it on the rent, then we have the complete marketing and advertising plan ready for you. We believe in adding a personal approach so that each customer would have a customized marketing strategy for his property. LBPM Property Management tailored the marketing or advertising campaign, according to your needs and requirements. So that you get what you aspire. Furthermore, we keep on reviewing our campaigns to make the necessary changes time by time. With the customized marketing and advertisement campaigns, our clients get the best deal in the market.

Tenant Screening Services

One of the most worrisome issues that most of the owners or the renter have to face is the proper screening of the tenants before giving their property for rent. We are giving a home to someone for a long period of time. So we have to ensure the credibility of the tenant on various criteria. Moreover, in this busy routine, no one got enough time to do so. However, with the LBPM Property Management, now you do not have to worry at all about the screening of the tenants as we have with us the team who would love to do that for you. We provide you with the complete history and credibility of the tenants to help in decision making.

Rent Collection

Are you worried regarding the rent collection or you do not have enough time to do it by yourself? LBPM Property Management has the solution for you. All you need is to hire us and we will arrange the regular rent collection strategy for you. If you are busy in your routine matters then we will collect the rent for you and transfer it to your account swiftly. All these services would be available on the mere fee charges, which you would happily pay in return for your freedom.

Management and Consulting Services

We have with us the experts in the field of property management. So whenever you find yourself in a myriad of choices do consult with us as our experts would love to offer their expertise. We have the latest technology for offering the best property management services to our clients to attain our ultimate goal of customer delight. Whenever you get caught between the several choices we would like to help you in making the best decision.

Maintenance and Repairs

Are you planning a repair and the maintenance service in your home or the commercial property? Leave all the property maintenance and repair job on us. We will manage everything according to your desire and budget and tend to provide you the best maintenance and the repair services possible. We have with us the alliance of various construction companies who are considered the best in the market.

24 Hour Response Time

One of the most striking and the outstanding feature of LBPM Property Management is that we actually respond to all the customers’ queries and issues within a short span of time. We are proud to offer the best customer care services with a response time of 24 hours. We offer to our esteem customers the high quality and professional service 27/7/365. So if you are having any issue regarding our services do contact us and we will consider your concern on the priority basis.

Property Management for Property Owners in Woodland Hills

If you own a property in the woodland hills, then we offer our updated and highly professional service. We know how much your home means to you and we promise to handle it with the same love and care. If you are planning on renting or selling of residential properties, then there is no other better choice than LBPM Property Management. We have with us some of the most expert and highly experienced people to handle all the matter in a highly professional and efficient manner. We offer the property management services regarding the residential properties and the residential apartments.

Our property management services include:

Better Leasing:

With LBPM Property Management, you do not have to worry regarding the leasing of your precious property. We will handle everything for you including marketing, advertisement, screening of tenants, repair, maintenance, and accounting for the rentals. We offer the landlords and property owners, freedom to handle their business while we handle their properties.

Property Management Leasing Services

Better Maintenance:

We offer the best solution for the hour of need. So whenever, you have any issue regarding your property, we have the best people to handle the situation in a highly efficient and effective manner. With our customer care services available 24/7, we provide the best possible assistance every time to each our customer.

Property Management Maintenance Services

24/7 Coverage:

We have the highly efficient and hardworking customer care team. Our team comprises of the people who believe in the customer services. However, our ultimate goal is to delight our clients by providing the outclass property management services along with the 24/7 customer support services.

Property Management Rent Collections


Keeping track of all the accounting and management of the transaction is a hectic job. Most of the time you have to hire a private company to do the job. However, with LBPM Property Management you do not have to worry about hiring some random accounting company to do the job. We have with us the best and the renowned team to handle all the accounting details and the transaction history. So that you can focus on the other significant tasks while leaving the rent details on us.


We also provide financial reports on daily basis which are accessible online to our clients, and also full monthly reports.

Benefits of using LBPM Woodland Hills Property Management Services

With the LBPM Property Management, you can be rest assure to get nothing less than the best. Over the years with the undying spirit to serve the clients and the latest approach towards the technology we have to manage to make our spot as the leaders of the industry. Our most striking features include the following:

Complete property management package:

We offer the overall property management services from planning stage to the management of rentals. So you do not have to go somewhere else to seek other services.

Highly customized approach:

We offer the customized services tailored to the demands and the requirements of the customers. We plan a strategy which not only suits your requirements but also suits your budget.

Proper budget and accounting services:

We offer the best accounting and budgeting services to our customers. So that they do not have to worry regarding the collection of the rent. Moreover, we also provide the excellent accountings service to keep track of all the transactions regarding the property.

Complete awareness:

One of the most amazing features we have is that we offer the complete awareness regarding the laws and obligations of the area. If you hire us, you do not have to worry about the rules and regulations about the renting and selling of the properties and also regarding the tax liabilities. We would love to manage all of this for you.

Due diligence:

We believe in offering services with the best personal approach. We keep on inspecting your property and try to keep you updated regarding the condition. Moreover, if the property needs any repairing or maintenance job we would arrange the best service provider for you in a highly efficient and effective manner.

Looking apartments for rent in Woodland Hills?

Are you looking apartment for rent in the woodland hill area? CAll to LBPM. We treat each customer differently and try to offer the service tailored to demand. All you need is Call us Today 818-918-3996 or fill out the form above and provide your requirement for the rented property. We will find a Apartment for rent according to your demand and requirements.

Hiring a Property Management In Woodland Hills

LBPM is widely considered one of the best property management in Woodland Hills.



Property Management Company in Woodland Hills

LBPM is a property management company providing Rental homes management, HOA management, Apartment management and property management services in Woodland Hills, CA.

About Woodland Hills, CA

The city of Woodland Hills is an affluent neighborhood in the proximity of Los Angeles. Having a climate of mostly subtropical Mediterranean, it is the most populated area. The seasons are extreme in this area. However, still, this area regards as the most populated area of the Los Angeles. With the high population rate, the facilities and the mode of living of the locals are high. Moreover, you can find the other regional facilities including schools, hospitals, and community centers in abundance in the Woodland Hills. All of this together makes it the best place to live or own a home.

LBPM offers a variety of property management services as well as apartments for rent in Woodland Hills for all of your needs.

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